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Concept Art

Here's some old concept art drawn by an old friend of mine from a previous version of the game I worked on YEEEEAAAARS ago. While there are quite a few pieces of concept art of various characters, the only ones I'm going to show will be of Rowen (Jesopher) and Mikail. Their concept designs were based off of my original sprites, however, the concept designs for other characters were his own original work. He's a deviantARTist, so if you want to check out some of his other (awesome) work, here's a link to his page.

In this previous version of the project, which was known as Realm of Souls at that time, Rowen (known as Jesopher in his current iteration) and Mikail were members of the Sephervaim military's elite tactical operations unit, Purger. The two of them essentially grew up as brothers.

Previous Works

This will include playable demos of previous versions of the project that I can dig up. A great way to see how the project has evolved over the past decade.

Finding Forever Eden v9.0 Battle Demo

Finding Forever Eden v4.0


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Reminds me of the pokemon manga style with DBZ influence here and there.
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