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Steve is a 15-year-old boy, who is in fencing. People laugh at him for it, but his kind nature keeps him from hitting his classmates. This and his fencing skills pay off. A girl in his class named Lucy, whom Steve has been in love with for 2 years, develops feelings for him, and they hit it off. Steve's best friend Jake, whom Steve saved from a bully of their school named Bruce when they were both 8, is an honorable and perhaps a little too valiant person, who, having learned how to use guns, vows to protect the Steve and Lucy from ever getting hurt by anybody. For an assignment for Biology class, ivolving studying the local wildlife, Steve, Jake and Lucy visit a cave in the forest near the city. When they arrive, they are trapped by Bruce, and Steve and Jake lose conciousness. When they open their eyes, Lucy is gone...
Steve pledges to find her, and he and Jake trace Bruce, when something unexpected happens...


A boy who is very loyal, and who helps others whenever possible, but can hold a huge grudge against his enemies, and won't forgive them until they have paid for their actions. He won't raise a finger against them though, because he doesn't like to fight. When Lucy is kidnapped, though, he decides to discard his pacifism and will do anything to get her back.

A boy who is very hot-blooded, and often gets into trouble. Whenever Bruce threatens Steve, Jake steps in and Steve has a hard time not to make him hurt the bully. He is very loyal to Steve, though, and thinks he has a debt to Steve he can only pay back by saving his life.

A girl who seems just like any other girl, but isn't, though she doesn't realise this until she is kidnapped... (For now, enough said)

A bully and kidnapper whose motives seem unclear.

I'm trying to create a modern-styled jrpg, that still has an oldschool Final Fantasy SNES-like feel to it. This means I'm going to try to put in several optional dungeons, and sidequests. This also means I'm going to include random battles, although some people might not really be all that thrilled by that. :)
If anyone would like to volunteer with spriting, scripting or anything else, be sure to say so! All help is greatly appreciated!

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Looking for a composer and artist

It's been a long time since the last demo of Lost Dreams: The Last Magus, but the second demo is very close to being finished. All maps and events are in place, but I have a few problems that are hindering me greatly in being able to upload the second demo:

My composer recently announced he was too busy to be able to continue work on Lost Dreams. I'm wondering if there are any composers willing to take over the baton. Over half of the game's OST has yet to be created, so if any budding composers are willing to try their hand at a game, I'd love to know!

I'm having trouble finding someone to sprite animated battlers for me. I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to help me out. My current spriter says he will not try his hand at animated battlers, because he considers them too hard to create. If someone would be willing to draw animated battlers, I'd love to know!


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You mentioned needing a tester in the forums right? I'll give it a try if you want~ ^o^
May I test, my dear Jeroen_Sol?
Nothing reveals Humanity so well as the games it plays. A game of betrayal, where the most suspicious person is brutally murdered? How savage.
The demo is out, so if you want to give it a try and give me feedback, sure!
cool guts rigth um did i say something haha funny right bolds tv
I LLOOOOVVEE when folks their own art in a game project(gives it a more personal touch imho) ESPECIALLY a fellow XPer ;) hope you keep it up.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
The game crashed at several (seemingly random) instances of my playthrough. The first of these errors was "Script 'FmodEx *' line 313: RuntimeError occurred.
FMOD Ex returned error 36".
I did not write down the following errors."

I also got these errors causing the game to crash SEVERAL times.
Is anything being done to correct this problem ??

Yes, we can save OFTEN but it really can be a pain :)

The game is enjoyable except for the CRASHES ......
Nothing reveals Humanity so well as the games it plays. A game of betrayal, where the most suspicious person is brutally murdered? How savage.
The Fmod Ex plugin causing the crashes has been deleted for the next demo, so when it comes out it should be a lot more stable than the current version.
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