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Looking for a composer and artist

It's been a long time since the last demo of Lost Dreams: The Last Magus, but the second demo is very close to being finished. All maps and events are in place, but I have a few problems that are hindering me greatly in being able to upload the second demo:

My composer recently announced he was too busy to be able to continue work on Lost Dreams. I'm wondering if there are any composers willing to take over the baton. Over half of the game's OST has yet to be created, so if any budding composers are willing to try their hand at a game, I'd love to know!

I'm having trouble finding someone to sprite animated battlers for me. I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to help me out. My current spriter says he will not try his hand at animated battlers, because he considers them too hard to create. If someone would be willing to draw animated battlers, I'd love to know!

Progress Report

New Demo in the beginning of April!

Another demo will be released in the beginning of April! It will have 2 more storyline dungeons after the Northern Forest, as well as some optional dungeons and 5 more orginal tracks by Thomas J Peters!


First demo out!

The first demo is out, just in time for the nagademo event! Be sure to give it a try, leave a comment, and have fun!


OST added

To my few subscribers and everyone reading the blogs, I've added a page to my game Lost Dreams - The Last Magus which holds all the original tracks for my game my very skilled composer: Thomas J. Peters (VGMusic_4_LIFE) has written so far. Check it out!


Looking for an artist

I'm looking for one or multiple artist(s) who is/are willing and has/have the time to create a title screen, game over screen, music album cover (and perhaps one piece of in-game art) for my game, Lost Dreams - The Last Magus, before the end of the NaGaDeMo event. If anyone would like to help me out, please pm me or post a comment on my gamepage.



Looking for beta testers

The beta of the first demo of Lost Dreams - The Last Magus is done, and probably very glitchy. If anyone is willing to test my game on short notice, that would be very much appreciated!

The demo will have (depending on gaming style) 30min - 1h30min of gameplay, with one optional boss, and one storyline boss. If anyone wants to test the game, please pm me or leave a comment on the game page. Thanks in advance!

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