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F1 - Help
left arrow - move left
right arrow - move right
up arrow - use door
space - jump
ctrl - shoot
alt - use hp orbs
enter - pause
F5 - QuickSave
F6 - QuickLoad
ESC - quit's to mainmenu

Gamepad Controls:
left arrow - move left
right arrow - move right
up arrow - use door
button1 - shoot
button2 - jump
button4 - use hporbs
button10 - pause (this button is usually the start button on a gamepad in comparison to a ps2 or 3 controller or usually where a start button is found on most gamepads.)

Game Summary:

You are a Zuzine collector, in the infinite energy dimension known as Axari.
you travel from place to place to collect Zuzine orbs you find in these places while avoiding being destroyed by the energeo's that guard the Zuzine orbs.

Game Objectives:

1. collect all Zuzine from each map , you must collect all from current map your on to progress to the next level via the door at the end of each level.

2. destroy energeo's along the way since this game is score based so killing as many energeo's as you can will help give you a better score at the end.

3. find health orbs, and weapon power up on each map you will need these. note: the powerup will only work in the map your on, after you leave you'll be back to your default weapon. health orbs are your friend but use them sparingly for the momma energeo's are not so easy, so try and keep them well stocked up.

4. reach end of all 12 levels to win the game and hopefully with a score that will beat your friends or family that play the game and boast about how good they are then you beat their score then you can brag lol ^.^

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