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No, this isn't really anything that has not been released before. But id like to have this game out there for download. As such I am looking to have some beta testers test out what I currently have and potentially do a re release of the old RM2k3 demo. Notify me if you are interested.

And for fans of my past work, I am working on a new game based on Richard Wagners Ring Cycle.


Even Slower Progress

Sorry everybody, it's been quite a while since I've had a chance to work on it. I've been working two jobs the last couple weeks to accomodate a transition from one job to another (both accounting positions). I'm looking to start getting a little more work done on this project - the biggest drawback has been making graphics (just takes too much time) so I was wondering if anybody wanted to offer up some help in that department.

Any help will be appreciated! Thanks.


Slow Progress

Added a screenshot of part of the slow progress I'm making. I don't really have a plethora of time to work on it, but a lot of graphics have been replaced (primarily battle animations). I've also had to do a ton of graphics editing for this last part of the first chapter, which takes place in the underworld. This is where the screenshot is from; if any of you remember, in the first demo of DoaM the underworld or Hiroshima as I believe I labled it looked very much different. This time I wanted the underworld to be more of a dead world; lifeless, stony structures and beneath a bottomless pit. The fog effect I tried to create is kind of like trying to do something like dagobah (forgive my spelling) from Star Wars. If anyone has any ideas on some good ways to create something like this let me know. Also, if anyone wants to do any simple sprite editing (such as sticking people on crucifixes, etc.) and believe they can do it quickly let me know. I'm kind of old-school when it comes to the sprite editing, so I'm sure someone who really knows what they're doing could really help speed up this process (and therefore speed up progress of the game!). Well, hopefully if I can work on this some more between work and leisure; hopefully a demo containing the 1st chapter in it's entirety can be out in a month or two. Well, leave feedback if you'd like!
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