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Demons -- ancient beings with mastery over the world’s elements and power beyond any mortal’s imagination. They waged war with one another, dominated the land, and ruled over humanity until a plague struck them down.

Yet not all were destroyed. Many lived on, trapped in crimson stone until some notion of fate decided to free them, and now eight of the strongest walk among humans once more.

Your task is to defeat them.

In Demon Slayer you play as a bounty hunter turned titular Slayer, going from chasing criminals to hunting down superpowered, immortal demonic beings. Nevermind about the immortal part -- you’ve got some tricks up your sleeve, but even then it still won’t be easy.

Combat focuses on mastering an elemental system to make big numbers pop out so that you can feel good about yourself. This is similar to games such as Shin Megami Tensei IV, or many other RPGs. There are no extra party members, levels, or weapons. Instead, the Slayer grows by fusing her skills to learn new ones, and may find boosts to her magical power through careful exploration. Stats are left up to you and may be altered at any time out of battle, allowing for a variety of approaches to each fight.

Latest Blog

Attrition-based Development and You! Or Me, Actually, Because This Is An Update for My Game, but Maybe You'll Get Something Out

Attrition-based Development and You! Or Me, Actually, Because This Is An Update for My Game, but Maybe You'll Get Something Out of it Too

See you March 22, 2018.

TL;DR: This is still on hiatus and I’ve been doing other stuff with my life. There’s a lot of parts i’m unhappy about, but I still want to make this game. It’ll be more feasible once I can devote more time and resources to it. This is the anthem of many a gamedev

I ran across this article on the guy who made Stardew Valley yesterday. It was interesting, even though I dislike tale of the solitary dev who made great sacrifices for years to finish their project. I’m pro “be careful you don’t burn yourself out/hurt your social relationships over a hobby”, but it’s frustratingly relatable, especially when I think about Demon Slayer’s development. For example:

Eric never considered easier alternatives, even if sticking to his vision meant months of painstakingly boring and sometimes infuriating work.

I don't go it alone with Demon Slayer, as TDS graciously provides code and Jalen continues to be a lovely source of support! Despite this, creative stuff in general can feel like lonely work. For every success story like Barone's, there's a lot more people who push themselves into avoidable suffering.

Anyways, that’s my soapbox this time. I’m happy to report Demon Slayer is not making me miserable! School does a much better job of that. Plus,I've only worked on it in bits and pieces when the mood strikes me. Which brings me to:

Having Time vs Making Time

I used to be pretty sad about the lack of progress, even though I consider this project shelved for now. I’d bemoan how I didn’t have the free time which is great way to feel like you have no control and are just being pushed around by The Universe!

Instead, I recommend the frame of “I’m not making time for right now.” The “right now” is key! You can make time in the future, and chances are if you’re dead set on doing something, you can carve out spots in your schedule.

If not? It just means you have other things going on! If we’re talking hobbies and passion projects, some of those other things should probably be higher priority, anyways.

Trench-based Development

That’s what the dev cycles on most of my projects feel like. I don’t think this is a good mindset, since thinking of stuff in terms of Battles or a War of Attrition is another invitation to stress. I haven’t found a way to change how my brain thinks about long-term projects, however. see: the title of this update

What Have I Accomplished in Two Years?

I wrote a novel! (Bonus) I caused some mild floods! I committed fashion crime!

Do you think I’m going to show off Demon Slayer updates in a Demon Slayer blog for the game Demon Slayer?

Oh, that’s a good idea. I’ll direct you here for most of the Demon Slayer-specific stuff. Bonus mildly nsfw art of one of the bosses.

Thanks to TDS for putting these animation system test gifs together as well

I’ve also had a great time working on enemy AI every now and then. I could talk buckets about the nuances of conveying Narrative through Enemy Behavior, but maybe some other time! But here’s a flowchart you can peep at if you’re curious. I’ve since switched to yED for gamedev-related graphs, especially puzzle dependency ones, and I HIGHLY recommend it.

Rekindling the Fading Flame

One extra nasty bad habit is when I think about stuff that does what I’d LIKE to do, but in a way I feel is better than what I CAN do. When I run into these, I try to think of them as inspiration and things to aspire to.

Also: two cakes

A few shout-outs:
  • I love the straightforward approach and flair of BOSSGAME (even if it’s not out yet it’s given me great food for thought! Plus I still look forward to it)
  • The visual style and Raw Energy of Furi is great at getting you to feel Pumped

  • And, of course, Godhand

This is all in the zone of what I'd like Demon Slayer to be. It may not seem like that from what I’ve posted, but over time that larger-than-life cheese has been grated down.

Why Have the Flames of Passion Been Smoldering, Anyways? Some Final Thoughts

A persistent design issue I've had is balancing my desire to Tell a Story and have Exploration with the idea of a game that focuses on min-maxing a combat system so you can feel Stronk. While I don't see these as mutually exclusive goals, it's a tricky thing to balance!

The current CYOA-esque approach I have attempts to present exploration/story development in a brief, somewhat abstract manner. I originally thought that painted backgrounds would play to my strengths as an artist, and thus be faster than sprites and detailed maps, but I was only halfway right. Sure, it works to my strengths, but I doubt it's any faster. (Let's be real, it's probably slower. I was able to do backgrounds at a rate of about 1 per day or two, but like I'd spend the majority of my day working on them)

here’s an example so you know what I’m referring to even if you’ve clicked 0 of the 12 or so links in this post.

Another reason for the current approach is that over time I've rediscovered how much I love interactive fiction! Like, the text-based adventure game type stuff, visual novels, a lot of things that fall under this rather fuzzy topic. (Although I don't have much patience for parsers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). This is Totally a Coincidence and No Factor in my Design Decisions, but text-based approaches tend to have less art associated with them (unless we're talking point-and-click adventure style here).

That's great and all, but does it fit my design goals for Demon Slayer?

I dunno! All of my design problems are quite fixable and many of them have obvious-but-unpalatable solutions. For example, if I'm not making time to do the art I'd like, I need to compromise on what the art looks like/how much of it there is, or hire someone else. If the game is overscoped, cut down until I get to that Essence. If the story doesn't fit the design, change the story or change the design. Stuff like that.

Either way, I've got other things higher on that priority chain. Even if I don't think stories like Eric Barone and Stardew Valley are worth trying to emulate, they're still relatable. You all know how it is -- I'm emotionally attached to this project, my dev partner has done a lot of awesome stuff I'd hate to see wasted, and I keep telling myself that if I set aside enough time and work up enough energy I'll beat the odds and finish my poorly-scoped-overly-ambitious early project.

Will this be the case? Who knows, but I'm sure both hindsight and the next update will be 2020


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I like the character battle sprites and that title is boss. I'm intrigued with this game so far, so please keep me updated. . . subscribed . . . OH! and welcome to RMN.
I know this is going to be epic, so I really can't wait for a release.
initial reaction: this is amazing

don't let me down.......
You finally posted a gamepage 8D

Oh man, this, like, this means... I CAN FANGIRL OVER THE CHARACTERS IN PUBLIC NOW YESSSSS. ;w;d

Also hnnnnngh that logo is way too sexy.
solos collectors on purpose
This looks awesome! :D

I just realized I never replied to anyone here. Too late now!

But thank you all very much for the support~! <3
My mind is full of fuck.
Punching this bump really hard. Subbed.
Awesome looking game you got here. Makes me want to play it!
so where's the "best use of a latina main character" misao category?
so where's the "best use of a latina main character" misao category?


please make a "lean like a chola" music video cutscenestravaganza and you will have my vote
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Subscribing, and not just because of the title. Great use of Melody!
so where's the "best use of a latina main character" misao category?

please make a "lean like a chola" music video cutscenestravaganza and you will have my vote

I... I have a shameful confession to make. OTL The MC is not latina. Unless you want to name her Latina, then you can keep the dream alive forever.

...I also need to stop forgetting this little section down here exists. Ah-haha, and toss out more thanks for the support!
If she's not latina what is she?
I'm a dog pirate
We were talking about this game the other day - looks good! Love the concept art and the color scheme here.
What oddly convenient timing! I was planning on posting up stuff tomorrow, as it's about time I got to lift up the rock I've been under. I feel like a worm that's been found in the damp earth, wriggling around while being plucked by some ravenous early bird.
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