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Chuggachuggachuggachuggachugga-March 15th! You know what that means – VX Ace released in English! Now I’ll begin the long, arduous process of converting DS into Ace format, something that will surely delay things for at least a good six months.

Ha ha. Just kidding.

Though I’ll admit, I briefly considered it! Ace turned such a seductive gaze onto me that my heart started bulging from my chest, turning each throb into orgasmic agony, and I had to steel myself with iron will that might possibly match the MC’s. (Probably not.)

At any rate, I’m turning all my GAME MAKING ATTENTION to DS now. I was busy earlier, now I am less busy. I’ve been more than a little sick and probably still am, but I’m still going to attempt to work hard! Interestingly enough, the longer-than-expected break did a lot of great things for me. I just feel so excited every time I open VX. And then I just kinda do this when I look at the piles of half-finished stuff I left off with.

I must break off into a tangent about what a terrible scripter/programmer/coder/HARD-BOILED TECHNICAL PERSON I am.
  • Don’t leave unfinished code lying around for such a long time that you forget its exact function.

  • If you do, comment the everloving shit out of it. Comment your code properly anyways. I found a surprising amount of comments that were just “PENTA FUCK” or “PENTA AUGH GOD” or “PENTA NEW” – you see, the PENTA is just in case I forget who is responsible for this mess.

  • Just… just be organized. OTL

I boot things up and the equip scene is throwing errors in window_base, I never finished enemy AI for the battles I’d started it, certain skills are mysteriously not working, the little CUSTOM METRICS SYSTEM I’d made isn’t reading through skill notes properly, the message windows still do WEIRD THINGS I want them to not do… Geeze! However I’ve broken it down into a very clear path of things to tackle. I’m just…not a very good coder, but I really want to get better. Hopefully I can learn by cleaning up after myself. OTL I might break down and ask for help, since you know what I want to do more than becoming better with Ruby? Actually having a game people can play.

Technical issues aside, my biggest concern right now is skills. I HAVE WAY TOO MANY. Not counting some organizational dividers in the database, I’d peg them as being around 120? TOO MANY, THAT’S HOW MANY I HAVE. A lot of this is just based on the fact there’s 8 elements, so for every skill like “Fire shield – protects against fire for 1 round”, there’s 7 other variants to account for the elements. There’ll be a lot of skills no matter what, I think. And there’s only so much I can combine and squish into one skill; some of them are getting ridiculous. “Md. Water/Fire dmg, -RES/AGI, 75% chance of Burn. +Water affinity” – it’s gibberish, I tell ya!

I’ve already cut them down once, and the previous criterion was “can I justify using this in at least half of the battles?”, but… Surely there are things I can do to streamline them further. I’ve been mulling over what those things are. Perhaps I will find answers!

Actually, when I was going through skill tests and stuff, I was finding answers! The most obvious thing is noticing that a buuuunch of skills are just elemental variations of “Do X degree of Y damage and inflict Z set of debuffs”, I could do with less of those.

Okay and I think I'm done rambling. In yet a different area of stuff I’ve been doing GRAPHICS STUFF, nothing major. Mostly a lot of the portrait stuff I’ve done is soon to be one year old! A WHOLE YEAR.

Just…look. The one on the right is slightly better and it didn’t take me that long to do.

Also I have this irrational fear that I’m beginning to repeat myself. I hope no one reads all the blog posts. And there will probably be another one very soon, I'm contemplating STUFF I would love to have outside input on.

Bonus unrelated thought:

She sure is a woman of many faces.


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I'm just going to have to draw Mira with her mouth taped up at the corners or something. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, LADY, YOUR FACE'LL STICK THIS WAY IF WE AREN'T CAREFUL

But judging from that one image in the middle-right, WE APPEAR TO BE TOO LAAAAATE

Well at least Zagan is looking shiny. In all the places.
One, two, three..YES!! Lol, VX Ace looks so amazing! Let's make some epic(er) games! ^o^ Mira's just showing off~ :3
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Funny (if I can say so!) how the 2 uncolored faces are the only ones with a deeply sad expression?
I...I'm sorry, it took me a while to unglue my eyes from the wonderful horned and pierced hunk of a delicious ahaghsghshaghsh *chokes on drool*

Anyways, glad you're moving along smoothly (well, as smoothly as possible I guess?) have my most sincere encouragement! (I would have phrased it differenlty, but it would have probably evolved into filthy language describing male chikens rubbing together in wonderful fashion...)
Mira why so serious >:[
Something something something orgasmic agony.

If the amount of skills is still weighing you down, just limit yourself to four per element and have each elemental affinity be based on a certain style. Fire, for example, could handle things like DoT and Rage buildup, and so forth.

If you want, you could even tie skills into stances, i.e. have each skill only be usable during a certain stance.
Mira's face belongs in a constipated state, I tell ya. WOMAN NEEDS SOME PRUNES. DB<

@kumada: see
see where I get it from
it's not just me

@Indrah: IKR <3333
Oh my god this game is full of hunks and auuuggffnfghgh I want to bone them allllll ffffffff <3333
although man I still want Amala the most
Or Mira
Or both

...yeah. Both. B)
@Jalen: Obligatory "Even his nether regions are shining".

@Sana: Yes, the MC does indeed love to show off. One of her many dirty secrets, I suppose!

@chana: Go figure! With my record on finishing colors, they will be black and white for quite a long time. And also I have pumped out more than enough CONCEPT~ or PROMOTIONAL~ art. OTL

@Indra: ...should I use the h or is it just Indra? I have been wondering about this for quite some time. And for all my complaining, yes things are going fairly smooth. (They could certainly be worse!) I know what I need to do for the most part! It's just a matter of finding the time/and or having the skills required to do it. OTL

@Archeia: She's been constipated this entire time. That's why.

@kumada: What can I say? Ace makes me

@DB: The former I had briefly thought about! While I probably won't limit myself too much on skill count, tying certain elements to stats more closely ain't a bad idea. As for the latter, very clever! I hadn't thought of it, will definitely think on it now, though it's something I'll be more uh... cautious about?

Mostly I don't think I want stances to affect skill usage tooooo much, if only because you already equip skills. I'd like to avoid things like "so you equip this skill and make sure you have enough MP and are in the squatting leopard stance"

However I've also been doing away with MP entirely for certain skills, so I might expand on that idea more. IB I've been hesitant about THAT, too, since I'm trying to cut down on skills, not make more. GOSH PENTA.

...anyways thank you for the food for thought!

With or sans H, I've gotten used to both :I
It started out as Indra, but since thats an acutal indu god (somehting I found out much later) that tends to get taken on certain media (like MMOS) so I added the H. But then people got used to seeing me around with an H and wrote that even when I was Indra without an H.

Same happened with the IRC from the RM sites. Indra was taken, Indrah stuck, I was more talktive in IRC than the forum, the H started comign my way despite not actually wearing one in the forums...Now in here, vxnet and acenet I don't wear an H, and in the official forum I simply gave up and wore the H.

So, in short, call me whatever, I've given up correcting people and it's a mute letter in any case XD I respond to both.

*Rant in other people's game blogs finished*
It's ok Mira, I still love you even if you have constipation issues. All the more reason why you should be with Amala ;v;

also can u post the roid rage mira pic again pls ty
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Question, maybe stupid : why doesn't she cut her hair? she's obviously not very fond of her feminity with those akward bandages?
Not at all stupid! She is quite fine with her femininity; the bandages are just so her boobs don't get in the way when she is attempting to do things like flex her muscles and poop. This is also why she keeps her hair tied back, but really she just keeps it long in an attempt to impress a certain someone. It is far from the only impractical thing she does for the sake of appearances.

Bandages are the bra of a true man.
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Because growing your hair takes a long goddamn time :v

sacrificing effort like that is >:C
edit: listen to penta. she clearly knows what she's talking about.

30% of the time

70% of the time all she says is OTL

Though I guess there is some kind of ridiculously artsy answer to this question, if one is curious about why the MC doesn't let her tits flop around in the wind. They are a very literal form of restraint - they keep her boobies strapped to her chest (even though I don't really represent this well in artwork, c'est la vie!) and the MC is a lady who aims to express only those qualities that she considers admirable. Everything else can be buried and repressed and denied inside of her squished boobs.
Besides, a girl's hair is her life~
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Well, as long as it's not tight enough to give her chest pains/crack ribs.

I am totally not speaking from experience here.
RMN sex symbol
84 gamepage subscriptions and yet this one blog post covers the whole thing haha. Popular game(which I apologize I didn't know I was subscribed to) you have!
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