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As stated in my blog, each seperate Day/Chapter/etc will be sent as an Expansion Pack. The Game will be produced as follows:

Parasite Eve
Day 1 - Resonance
>From the Opera scene through the Alligator battle
Day 2 - Fusion
>From the NYPD Building through Central Park
Day 3 - Selection
Day 4 - Conception
Day 5 - Evolution
>From the Warehouse through Chinatown sewers
Day 6 - Liberation
>From the Museum through the battle against the UB

Parasite Eve Bridge - NYPD to FBI

Parasite Eve II
Akropolis Tower
>From the FBI through the first No. 9 battle.
Dryfield I
>From the Hotel through the Burner battle
>From the Chaser onslaught through the Blizzard Chaser battle
Shelter I
>From the Mine entrance through the sewers
Dryfield II
>From saving Pierce through the sewer return
Shelter II
>From the sewer through the Pod Gantry
NeoArk I
>From the Lift through the Generator battles
Shelter III
>From the Labratory through rescuing Eve
NeoArk II
>From Golem escape through losing Eve
Shelter IV
>From NeoArk through the Army Base
Shelter V
>From Army Base through battle against UB and Eve

Events leading to Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday