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There is now a website you can use to share your custom content with other users! But you're still welcome to use this page to share and discuss content.

Below is a list of finished custom (user-made) content. To add these characters, in most cases you can extract the downloaded file to the game's main directory and you're set. Depending on how the author has organized them, it may be necessary to move files to the appropriate directories. (Custom content has not been tested by me)
Note: After new content has been added, old saves won't be compatible.


Yuu Lambaria
Author: KimotoDragoon
Content types included: story, profile, tachie, music

Author: Marrend
Referring post: here
Content types included: story, profile, tachie, music
(Requires Masako, Junko, and Clean Mode off)

Author: Marrend
Referring post: here
Content types included: story, profile, tachie, music

Author: Nekochi
Referring post: here
Content types included: story, profile, tachie, music
(For this content, it is recommended playing with Clean Mode off, if you have unlocked it)

Uchioniko (4 characters)
Author: Marrend
Referring post: here
Content types included: story, profile, tachie, music

21 Ways
Author: dude797
Referring post: here
Content types included: story, profile, tachie, music
(For this content, it is recommended playing with Clean Mode off, if you have unlocked it)

Author: Marrend
Referring post: First post on the page!
Content types included: story, profile, tachie, music


If you have posted custom content in this thread, I will (eventually) add your link to the list above, along with a small screenshot if you have included one. Be sure to test your content in-game before posting.

Helpful things:

--> Medium build girl, the .psd that was used to create the built-in characters, is available with layer names in English.

--> Not feeling artistic? You can use any of these images for making custom characters.

--> Notepad++ with syntax highlighting for Heartache 101 can be a big help with story creation.

--> If you are writing story content that includes the appearance of existing characters (built-in or custom), the following list may be of reference:
ID 0 = The Player
ID 1 = Nakajima Miki
ID 2 = Ikeda Keika
ID 3 = Onishi Tsubasa
ID 4 = Kaneshiro Shihoko
ID 5 = Kaneshiro Riho
ID 6 = Sato Akari
ID 7 = Hiraoka Hinami
ID 8 = (Secret character)
ID 9 = Watanabe Junko
ID 10 = Mitsuya Masako
ID 11 = Monotami Ruri
ID 12 = Nemoto Mayu
ID 13 = Terakado Shoko
ID 14 = Shirazu Izumi
ID 15 = Watanabe Aoi, Lambaria Yuu
ID 16 = Ran Fujioka
ID 17 = Torako Koizumi
ID 18 = Yumemi Tanno
ID 19 = Umehara Joruri
ID 21 = 21 Ways
ID 22 = Kirinashi Kyouki
ID 23 = Reserved for Nekochi
ID 24 = Reserved for Nekochi
ID 25 = Kuwabara Emiko
ID 26 = Reserved for triad2
ID 27 = Katanashi Seira
ID 30 = Vacant
ID 31 = Maeda Eriko
ID 32 = ? Genji
ID 33 = Vacant
ID 39 = Vacant
ID 40 = Konohana Midori
ID 41 = Natsume Rika
ID 42 = Vacant
ID 43 = Vacant
ID 44 = Hasegawa Kanon
ID 45 = Vacant

(Note: You don't need to care about this list if your story events will not include existing characters, as ID numbers for characters in separate files don't have to be unique)

--> Finally, I've listed the game cheats here. You can use these during story events to test your content:
SHIFT + F5 -- Adds 10 to Looks
SHIFT + F6 -- Adds 10 to Athletics
SHIFT + F7 -- Adds 10 to Personality
SHIFT + F8 -- Adds 10 to Mind
SHIFT + F9 -- Adds 10 to Soul
ALT + F5 -- Adds 1000 to yen
ALT + F6 -- Active speaker's affection decreases by 100
ALT + F7 -- Active speaker's affection increases by 100
ALT + F8 -- Advances the calendar by 1 day
ALT + F9 -- Advances the calendar by 7 days


Guardian of the Description Thread
I was about to upload and post a link to my quad-tech, despite the fact that only one character is "complete". However, after realizing that I should test said character, I decided to stave off for the moment.


*Edit: Let's go, Uchioniko!
Marrend, you know, it's not a sin to double post once in awhile. I didn't notice your update until now.

Also, I think you guys should post screenshots of your characters in action. Otherwise I'm a'gonna take the liberty.
I was thinking that too, a sneaky edit that won't show on my notices. A Character release deserves it's own post!

Anyway, I was thinking how I could create a random character event pack. They would be chocolate lady style toons that appear in small stories arc to fill in places that are rather bare (station, market place, children's park, etc.) I want them to have tachies, but I don't want to clutter up phone call screen with undateable toons.

I know what you mean about never going back to Oblivion. I swear I will lose my mind if I can ride a dragon and then use said dragon to destroy a village in Skyrim.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Eh, maybe I should have made it a new post. Then again, it's not like I haven't been sneaky before. On one of these pages (either here, or elsewhere on this gamepage), I used "color=white" to hide a character's name. Fun fact: I've highlighted empty posts since.

Anyway, as for the matter of pictures being attached to a character, I'm okay with this picture being the one for Masako, whereas this is the only viable one for Uchioniko. In my personal opinion, anyway.

I'd also like to note once again that Uchioniko is only 25% complete (approximately) at this time.
Ah, okay. I'll take Uchioniko off the top of the page then.

What you can do is use another character as a host for the non-datable characters' images. The host character could be an invisible character. She should have name unknown and generic encounters off so that her data never appears in the phone call screen. Players won't be able to tell that this character exists (other than by viewing the records, which will just have "custom character" for her name).

Once the host character has been introduced (invisibly), you can use her in story events for the sole purpose of displaying tachie. For instance, suppose her ID is 70. You can do something like this:

ID = 0
Somebody's coming....
ID = 70
ID = Hint lady
Hello you.

To the player, it's not possible to tell that the invisible character is actually the one whose tachie is being displayed. The only clue is that Hint Lady's speaking text is black.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Wait, Chocolate Lady has a graphic!? Since when?

Anyway, I would think that an INTRODUCE event would increment the "girls met" variable. An observant player might notice the difference between the number of characters that can be called versus how many were "met".

*Edit: Has anyone looked at/played out what content there is in Uchioniko as of yet? I'm insatiably curious, here.
^You're right, an INTRODUCE event would do that. Maybe the best way is to sneak the tachie in as OTHER slots for an existing character, such as 21 Ways. Then he just has to make sure that 21 Ways has been introduced.

Alternatively...make the invisible host character appear in branches. Also make an INTRODUCE event with an impossible condition.
So say if I wrote something like

PLACE = Game Center
ID = 0
Let's go check out the new fighting games...

Branch A
Who's that freak?
ID = 70
ID = Bacon
I'm Bacon, prepare to die!

...and assuming the impossible Intro event, then I should be able to get away with it?

@ marrend
I story tested what was available. Off the bat, I wanted Mayu's storyline completed, since I think she has a uniqueness to her.

I'm super impressed you found a use for them weird sideburn hair thingies for Ruri. I had no idea what they were for.

Lastly, Shoko was kinda confusing. I didn't understand what I was doing wrong with her until I read her story file (which had amusing commentary). If you could drop an additional hint, I think it could steer players in the right direction with her.
Guardian of the Description Thread
I personally thought that the the "sideburns" as you call them, looked like some kinda ribbons. Glad they worked out!

As for hints to edge players toward getting Shoko's ending, any specific event I need to work on, or would you prefer some kind of generalized advice from, I dunno, Chocolate Lady (and her fourth-wall-breaking banter)?
Aw crumbs, it looks like there's a bug with relation IDs that makes Uchioniko unplayable in the latest release. (You guys must not be using the new release yet, huh?) You want me to fix it right away, Marrend?

Yes, I think that should work.
@ marrend (Semi Spoilers for Shoko so you are warned everyone else)

I never really understood shoko's phobia. I think an origin story is in order that explains how she became a "mute". You could use one of her friends (preferably Mayu since I like her the best) to explain what happened. I think players will then be able to realize, "oh, I can't leave shoko alone because such a thing happened to her".

As luck would have it, I play tested Uchioniko as I downloaded v.72 so I completely missed the bug.
Guardian of the Description Thread
@flowertheif: I'm pretty sure I was running version 0.7 of the game when I play-tested Shoko. If that's not the latest version (and apparently it isn't), I'll probably need to update anyway.

@dude (maybe flowerthief too?): Potential spoilers ahoy!
I never really had an "origin story" for her. However, since the events in-game she has in question are based on someone I know, then the similarities of that person's story and hers should coincide somewhat.

Uber-spoiler ahoy!:
This "person I know" is, to be blunt, me. I've been in situations where someone's sent me to go get something, and when I get there, I'm all frozen up in terror. Like Shoko, I've been pretty damn lucky about getting help, but the day will come, I don't doubt, when there is no help to be had.

Sorry, but I doubt Mayu is going to relay the story, as she isn't Shoko's "direct" friend. I can see the back-story be told by Izumi. She's got the proper "voice" for how I want the story to be told.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Umm, what's this noise about Shoko's relations not working? I've updated to version 0.72, and the phone screen (after Shoko's INTRODUCE event, obviously) still has the relationships showing up properly. I mean, the custom character generator didn't have the names displayed (I tested that first, actually), but that's about it.

I highly suspect a "Ninja Bug Fix Attack!".
So it is working for you in v0.72? I would guess that is because you were only testing Shoko, right? If you put all of Uchioniko in the game you get a false error message about one of them having herself as a relation. I went ahead and ninja-fixed it, so you can upgrade to 0.73 if necessary.
Guardian of the Description Thread
So it is working for you in v0.72? I would guess that is because you were only testing Shoko, right? If you put all of Uchioniko in the game you get a false error message about one of them having herself as a relation. I went ahead and ninja-fixed it, so you can upgrade to 0.73 if necessary.

Whenever I playtest Uchioniko, the profile that contains the four of them is in-game, as are the story files for each of the characters, their tachie, and their music. While it's true that I had a mess of stupid errors to fix when I initially playtested Uchioniko, I've never gotten an error message, or have any other indication, about a character having a "self" relationship. I'll take a look at the profile again, or make mini-events that cause RELATION KNOWN, just to be certain it isn't happening anyway.

*Edit: Well, I spot-checked the profile, and didn't see anything. Since one cannot rely on sifting through text-files, I looked at them via the custom character generator. That looked fine. Then, as if to kill of any rumors, I altered the stories temporarily to include RELATION KNOWN lines, then did a quick run-though in Clean Mode. Everything worked perfectly on my end. I've no screen-shot of my phone screen to provide as proof, but I suppose I could supply one, if necessary.
When I started up v0.72 with Uchioniko, or at least the version you posted, I got the false error message immediately, and when I looked at the code it was obvious what I had done wrong (the wrong variable was used in a comparison). I can't explain why you don't get the same error, but if true, keep using v0.72 then.

Guardian of the Description Thread
I should try uploading the copy in my locker, just to see this error message. However, since what I've got is running smoothly, why mess with it?

Anyway, I've fixed up Shoko. Hopefully, players who don't look at the commentary in her story file will be directed towards helping her. I've also moved on to working on Mayu. I like the idea of having Mayu and 21 have a something of a face-off (they are both very aggressive ladies), but I also don't want to mess with having external dependencies.

In any event, the next "official" update to Uchioniko will be when I make my initial completion of Mayu. Not sure how far off that will be, but as long as I was on-line, and all, I figured I might as well make this progress report.
External dependence is not an issue anymore. Even if the player doesn't have 21, the rest of your content plays out fine. I've moved my 21 - Masako story over to my new project. I gotta say, I think you will be pleased how I handled the story :)

How many branches can we put in a single story? Up to D?
Yup, up to D. If you need more, you have to JUMP to a new story.

Speaking of dependencies, I was playtesting 21 Ways and Uchioniko together on clean mode...then around day 25, I remembered that you can't progress in 21 Ways's route on clean mode and thought shucks, I have to start over. Then I remembered that I am the game's developer and can flip any switches or variables whenever I like muahaha.
Wish I could flip switches on will. For some weird reason I can't help but include other characters in my stories.

It's a good thing about D being the limit though, I think I was getting over ambitiousness with my choices. I had 4 types of moral choices and it would have been a pain to create (and keep track of) so many story lines.