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You can remember up to 9 mental notes about a character
  • flowerthief
  • Added: 08/21/2011 08:49 PM
  • Last updated: 05/22/2022 06:36 AM


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Guardian of the Description Thread
I was kinda wondering what the "mental notes" did. Do they post date reminders too?

I think there should be a color differential with "positive" notes ("She LIKES a boy who is smart and who is funny about the same"), "negative" notes ("She DISLIKES Fishing") and "neutral" notes ("She neither LIKES nor DISLIKES the Fashion Mall") rather than switching colors with each line. Or, you know, write it like I just did.

*Edit: And I write this just after an update was uploaded. Man, I feel so terrible!
Ah, interesting idea. I'll consider it.
The notes don't include date reminders. They are either about the type of boy she likes, what she thinks about date spots, or what she thinks about gifts.
yay mental notes! No more looking into the game profiles file to pick a girl's favorite location!

(Hint: Beta testers make your request to flowerthief, there is a good chance they will end up in game someday)
LIES you van remember ten i now i counting each one of mine
I wanted to know can you end up with anyone, cause I really want Riho and she was ;love sick but I did not end up with her.
Yes! But you have to complete her story route (up to the point where the game tells you so).
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