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This page is for discussion of the technical side of content creation. If you have a technical issue or question with regards to a character or story you are creating, talk about it here.
(The old Custom Content thread can be found here)

Helpful things:

--> Medium build girl, the .psd that was used to create the built-in characters, is available with layer names in English.

--> Kudos to SparkleFox for finding us a male tachie generator, authored by "彩 雅介" (Aya Mayabaikai?)! This one is put together as a program, but has PSD files with layer-names in Japanese. No "fan-translation" available at this time.

--> You can use any of these images for making new custom characters.

--> Notepad++ with syntax highlighting for Heartache 101 can be a big help with story creation. To set it up, go to the View menu and set User Defined Language to HeartAche. Then close View, go to the Language menu and select HeartAche. (If you already have Notepad++, here's userDefineLang.xml by itself)

--> Mr. Help File has, regrettably, forgotten to mention certain locations! They are as follows:
Beach (sunset), Grounds (sunset), Roof (sunset), Bedroom (Morning), Downtown, Studio Room.
Note that these locations must be specified via a PLACE command. To the best of my (ie: Marrend's) knowledge, they cannot be obtained via the generic "School" or "City" code.

--> If you are writing story content that includes the appearance of existing characters (built-in or custom), the following list may be of reference:

ID 0 = The Player
ID 1 = Nakajima Miki {flowerthief, Built-in content}
ID 2 = Ikeda Keika {flowerthief, Built-in content}
ID 3 = Onishi Tsubasa {flowerthief, Built-in content}
ID 4 = Kaneshiro Shihoko {flowerthief, Built-in content}
ID 5 = Kaneshiro Riho {flowerthief, Built-in content}
ID 6 = Sato Akari {flowerthief, Built-in content}
ID 7 = Hiraoka Hinami {flowerthief, Built-in content}
ID 8 = (Secret character) {flowerthief, Built-in content}
ID 9 = Watanabe Junko {Nekochi, "Junko"}
ALSO = Tsukino Emi {Silent Pheonix, "Tsukino Emi", in progress}
ID 10 = Mitsuya Masako {Marrend, "Masako"}
ID 11 = Monotami Ruri {Marrend, "Uchioniko"}
ID 12 = Nemoto Mayu {Marrend, "Uchioniko"}
ID 13 = Terakado Shoko {Marrend, "Uchioniko}
ID 14 = Shirazu Izumi {Marrend, "Uchioniko"}
ID 15 = Watanabe Aoi {Nekochi, "Junko"}
ALSO = Lambaria Yuu {KimotoDragoon, "Yuu", in progress, Caretaker: Marrend}
ID 16 = Ran Fujioka {Neckochi, unpublished}
ID 17 = Torako Koizumi {Neckochi, unpublished}
ID 18 = Yumemi Tanno {Neckochi, unpublished}
ID 19 = Umehara Joruri {Marrend, "Joruri"}
ID 20 = Sakuragawa Fuyuki {Fuyuki, "Fuyuki", cancelled}
ID 21 = 21 Ways {dude797, "21"; Caretaker: Dozen}
ID 22 = Ikari Kyouki {Dozen, unpublished}
ID 23 = (Reserved for Nekochi)
ID 24 = (Reserved for Nekochi)
ID 25 = Kuwabara Emiko {Marrend, "Emiko"}
ID 26 = Tanaka Yoko {triad2/Noone42, in progress}
ID 27 = Katanashi Seira {triad2/Noone42, in progress}
ID 28 = (Reserved for KimotoDragoon)
ID 29 = Shitazawa Arika {Dozen, unpublished}

ID 31 = Maeda Eriko {triad2, "Meada"}
ID 32 = ? Genji {triad2, "Meada"}
ID 33 = ? Ryoko {Dozen, unpublished}
ID 34 = (Reserved for Tthedragon)
ID 35 = (Reserved for Tthedragon)
ID 36 = Murakami Megumi {Render, unpublished}
ID 37 = Kawano Fujiko {Render, unpublished}
ID 38 = Matsuhara Akane {Render, unpublished}
ID 39 = Momohana Nami {GloopMaster, Unknown, in progress}
ID 40 = Konohana Midori {LordNight, "Midori", RMN only, in progress}
ID 41 = Natsume Rika {LordNight, "Midori", RMN only, in progress}
ID 42 = (Reserved for LorSquirrel)
ID 43 = Hasegawa Kanon {LordNight, "Midori", RMN only, in progress}
ID 44 = Kirihara Kana {LordNight, "Midori", RMN only, in progress}
ID 45 = (Reserved for LordNight)
ID 46 = (Reserved for LordNight)
ID 47 = (Reserved for LordNight)
ID 48 = (Reserved for LorSquirrel)
ID 49 = (Reserved for LorSquirrel)
ID 50 = (Reserved for LorSquirrel)
ID 51 = Shiromiya Kagami {BDFalcon, unpublished}
ID 52 = Tsuchitsuru Airi {BDFalcon, unpublished}
ID 53 = Kimura Shizuka {Mute, unpublished}
ID 54 = Columban Kuri {?, unpublished}
ID 55 = Shikimori Asuka {Render, "Clique", unpublished}
ID 56 = Shikimori Sanako {Render, "Clique", unpublished}
ID 57 = Nakao Yasuko {Render, "Clique", unpublished}
ID 58 = Sakaki Usagi {Render, "Clique", unpublished}
ID 59 = Waifu Mai {pegaso, "Mai", unpublished} (temporary reserve?)
ID 60 = Makoda Yuuki {Ilan14, unpublished}
ID 61 = Hisatsuki Seiryuu {BDFalcon, unpublished}
ID 62 = Torahashi Mio {BDFalcon, unpublished}
ID 63 = Eienji Rie {BDFalcon, unpublished}
ID 64 = Hamaguchi Takako {dewelar, unpublished}
ID 65 = Yoshimura Noriko {dewelar, "Noriko"}
ID 66 = Ichini Sanshi {BDFalcon, unpublished}
ID 67 = Kimura Sachiko {Mute, unpublished}
ID 68 = Hitsuragi Yuureiko {BDFalcon, unpublished}
ID 69 = Hanata Haruka {BDFalcon, unpublished}
ID 70 = Shiraki Kotone {BasedMG, "Kotone", in progress}
ID 71 = Kurokawa Sarako {BDFalcon, unpublished}
ID 72 = Kurokawa Mikari {BDFalcon, unpublished}
ID 73 = (Reserved for LorSquirrel)
ID 74 = Yamisaki Eliza {Kevincalanor, Wolfpack}
ID 75 = Yamisaki Alessa {Kevincalanor, Wolfpack}
ID 76 = Nakamura Yuriko {Kevincalanor, Wolfpack}
ID 77 = Harada Himeko {Garage, "Winggirl"}
ID 78 = Fujikawa Sayumi {Garage, "Winggirl"}
ID 79 = Fujikawa Mayumi {Garage, "Winggirl"}
ID 80 = Hashimoto Midori {Ertad, unpublished}
ID 81 = (reserved for Ertad)
ID 82 = (reserved for Ertad)
ID 83 = (reserved for Ertad)
ID 84 = (reserved for Ertad)
ID 85 = (reserved for Ertad)
ID 86 = (reserved for Ertad)
ID 87 = (reserved for Ertad)
ID 88 = (reserved for Ertad)
ID 89 = (reserved for Ertad)
ID 90 = (reserved for Ertad)
ID 91 = (reserved for Ertad)
ID 92 = Itawa Miyuki {RukasuWYZ, "Ijona on'nanoko", probably canceled}
ID 93 = Shogowa Yuka {RukasuWYZ, "Ijona on'nanoko", probably canceled}
ID 94 = Fujita Suki {RukasuWYZ, "Ijona on'nanoko", probably canceled}
ID 95 = Chihiro Sato {RukasuWYZ, "Ijona on'nanoko", probably canceled}
ID 96 = Shingoza Ayumi {RukasuWYZ, "Ijona on'nanoko", probably canceled}

ID 97 = Sawada Merika {Garage, "Winggirl - Pathways"}
ID 98 = Nagai Shika {Garage, "Winggirl - Pathways"}
ID 99 = Harada Hibiko {Garage, "Winggirl - Pathways"}
ID 100 = Robin Clark {Wowzer_, "Robin"}
ALSO = ? Takuya {Kevincalanor, "Built-off", tachie/profile only}
ID 101 = Miyazaki Kiyoka {Nedras, "First Years", unpublished}
ID 102 = Matsumoto Atsumi {Nedras, "First Years", unpublished}
ID 103 = Kagawa Yasuna {Nedras, "First Years", unpublished}
ID 104 = Azuka Ishikawa {Nedras, "First Years", unpublished}
ID 105 = Hayashito Kaede {ShinigamisApples/KiyokoKaia, unpublished}
ID 106 = Hayashi Kitsune {Garage, "Kitsune"}
ID 107 = Sasaki Riku {Garage, "Nadeshiko"}
ID 108 = Yamaguchi Ayame {Garage, "Nadeshiko"}
ID 109 = Kimura Nanashi {Garage, "Nadeshiko"}
ID 110 = Takahashi Karen {Garage, "Rivalries"}
ID 111 = Inoue Azami {Garage, "Rivalries"}
ID 112 = Yamamoto Hina {Garage, "Crossover", unpublished}
ID 113 = Kojima Daishi {Garage, "Crossover", unpublished}
ID 114 = Hashimoto Chiyo {Garage, "Crossover", unpublished}

ID 121 = Furuya Reika {ScarbucksCoffee, "Reika", unpublished}
ID 122 = Furuya Shunpei {ScarbucksCoffee, "Reika", unpublished}
ID 123 = Shimada Tsukasa {ScarbucksCoffee, "Reika", unpublished}
ID 124 = Shimada Tomo {ScarbucksCoffee, "Reika", unpublished}

ID 130 = Tanaka Grace {mysteriousone3, "Grace"}

(Note: You don't need to care about this list if your story events will not include existing characters, as ID numbers for characters in separate files don't have to be unique)

--> Finally, I've listed the game cheats here. You can use these during story events to test your content:
SHIFT + F5 -- Adds 10 to Looks
SHIFT + F6 -- Adds 10 to Athletics
SHIFT + F7 -- Adds 10 to Personality
SHIFT + F8 -- Adds 10 to Mind
SHIFT + F9 -- Adds 10 to Soul
ALT + F5 -- Adds 1000 to yen
ALT + F6 -- Active speaker's affection decreases by 100
ALT + F7 -- Active speaker's affection increases by 100
ALT + F8 -- Advances the calendar by 1 day
ALT + F9 -- Advances the calendar by 7 days


Guardian of the Description Thread
So, has anybody tried the to do anything with the new codes that flowerthief gave access to with the 2.0 pre-release? I know I haven't done a blasted thing with them, but I was wondering if there was, at least, some experimentation going on.

Also, how come I'm getting the first post again?
Not really. As much as I'd like to, I DID fail my German and Hungarian classes this year. I'm not really into the whole "hold books and learn pointless stuff from them" thing, but my mother would be all sad and b'awww if I can't pass my exams.
no but i want to try it with maeda if i get time.
wait, there's a new update?

if yes... where!?
Guardian of the Description Thread
wait, there's a new update?

if yes... where!?

Try reading this blog. The link is near the bottom of the blog. Or, someone can place a conveineint link.
The main download has now been updated with all known bugs fixed. Thank you to triad2 for reporting a game-crashing bug.
Guardian of the Description Thread
The main download has now been updated with all known bugs fixed. Thank you to triad2 for reporting a game-crashing bug.

...Or flowertheif can replace the download with an updated version! That works too!
i don't have much time but i was wondering has anyone seen what effects the new code would have on the old game will stories with the new codes just be ignored or would they crash it just a curiousity question off to work
Guardian of the Description Thread
i don't have much time but i was wondering has anyone seen what effects the new code would have on the old game will stories with the new codes just be ignored or would they crash it just a curiousity question off to work

With the old system, something like SOUL UP 5 (or whatever) would probably be interpreted to mean a text box displaying the text "SOUL UP 5", spoken by whoever the last known speaker was. If there was no last known speaker, that might cause an error, since the system is not recognizing that line as code.

Did that make any sense?
Yep, you will get either errors or unintended speaking lines depending on things. If you release content made on 2.0 we can add a note saying that 2.0 is required, at least until 2.0 has been out long enough for everyone to be using it.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Huh. I'm having a rather interesting time with introducing multiple characters. I've spoken to Mr. Help File on the matter, but I'm uncertain if I'm just doing something wrong, of if I just found a bug.

I've separated the character IDs with a comma, and I'm sure I haven't met any of the characters that are being introduced in the scene. Yet, even when I set the PRIORITY of my multi-intro event to HIGH, I have not gotten the event in five attempts.

The code for said event runs as thus:

PLACE = School
# Alternate way of meeting Tsubasa and Masako.
# I could be wrong, but meeting either of those two before this event occurs kicks you out of this event, hence the HIGH priority of this event, and the previous one.
# Logically speaking, one cannot be introduced to a character that one has already met, so it's not without basis.
MUSIC = CharName/xs3-fifth_jerusalem.mp3
# No, I'm not revealing the character's name at this time. Yes, this comment is not actually in the story-file.
ID = 3
ID = 10
ID = 0
(Hello, what do we have here?)
ID = Female Student (Right)
These occurances of missing homework is rather distressing. There seems to be more and more cases as time passes.
ID = Female Student (Left)
I've been hearing those rumors, myself. At first, I thought it was some kind of very disengenious ploy, but the facts don't add up.
ID = 3
ID = Female Student (Left)
Why would so many people, on the same day, decide to "forget" their homework?
ID = Female Student (Right)
You are implying that they were stolen.
ID = 3
ID = Female Student (Left)
It seems I am.
ID = 3
ID = Female Student (Left)
But, what kind of motive would there even <b>be</b> to such an act?
ID = 10
ID = Female Student (Right)
ID = 10
ID = Female Student (Right)
The matter would have to be investigated.
ID = 3
ID = Female Student (Left)
By... the police?
ID = 10
ID = Female Student (Right)
The police would take this situation as a grand prank, and think no more of it.
ID = 10
ID = 3
ID = Female Student (Right)
If this case is to be presented to the police, there should be some evidence to indicate that it is no mere prank.
In other words, that crime was commited.
ID = 3
ID = Female Student (Left)
Well, looks like I'll be busy, then!
ID = Female Student (Right)
You intend on searching for said evidence?
ID = Female Student (Left)
Of course! I've got this case covered! Just you wait!
ID = Female Student (Right)
This case... I fear it will be as simplistic as you think it will.
ID = 0
(I think I probably don't want to mess with either of those girls.)
# Yeah, good luck with that, <player>.

Before anybody asks, I've checked this with the CONDITION line commented out, and I'm still not getting this in normal play.
i know this is a stupid question and since i'm at work i can't experiment but i was wondering if you tried setting a place instead of school? i'm not very smart when it comes to technical stuff but sometimes its not the command that you think it is giving you a problem and sometimes its the combined command
Guardian of the Description Thread
The combined command would still be considered a bug, though, as the help file does not mention that those two commands would inversely affect each other.

Though, to be safe, I should try a specified location, such as "Roof", to test that theory.

*Edit: Nope, still not happening for me, even with specifying "Roof" as the place. I even split the INTRODUCE lines to see if that could work. It game me an error message about multiple introduce lines, though I expected that.
ok like i said it was a stupid idea im home now but i need to get some sleep before i go to my next job when i get back i will mess around sometimes two heads are better then one
It's a bug. Thank you for reporting it. There's no workaround so you'll have to wait for the fix, which I'll try to get to this weekend. Sorry 'bout that.
Guardian of the Description Thread
From the comments of the official site:

Hello. I used to play Heartache before my laptop fried, and so I wanted to instal it on my new computer. However, every time I tried to run it since instal (with the newest download) I get this:

Any help would be appreciated. ^^

(Also, I apparently need to read directions more. -_-)

@Nicias Silerwing: Whoa! I'm getting that error as well. Junko's story totally worked before version 2.0! I know that location wasn't listed in the help file, but I thought it was something of a hidden location. Yet, this error message...

Welp, I'm off to RMN to report this!
Oh right, Junko uses that location. In v2.0 I changed "Bedroom (Night)" to "Bedroom" and "Bedroom" to "Bedroom (Morning)" in order to make the new bedroom events more convenient for everyone to write. I didn't think there'd be a problem since "Bedroom (Night)" hadn't been listed in the documentation iirc, but I forgot about Junko. Easy enough to fix. I'll make "Bedroom (Night)" a synonym for "Bedroom". We can't have one of the best custom characters not working.
Changes today:

-Added Yume Francesca to the ID list.