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"At the beginning, nothing existed... only the
darkness. A song and everything begun.

At the same time, he was created. An entity, an
entity with the same age as the universe: Xynox.

The universe was created along with planets and
life. Everything unfolded perfectly, life,
reasoning, intelligence... But the anger, hate
and envy were created too...

The Hate and the envy were transmitted as
vibrations ... And they reached Xynox...

And as the ink contaminates the water, the
vibrations corrupted Xynox ...

And as the ink contaminates the water, the
vibrations corrupted Xynox ...

The people lived in peace. But the people needed
leaders to rule over them. That's how the Highs
were chosen.

7 highs were chosen to rule the land, and a High
called Orfeo was the chosen to rule betweeen
them. But Orfeo wasn't inmune to the

At that time, Xynox had grown enough to take a
defined shape ... With
his new adquired powers, he corrupted Orfeo and
took control over him...

That's how the debacle of the High's Era


Flash Videos: they can be used as cutscenes or BATTLEBACKS:

Light effects: thanks to Fogs, we can add light effects on maps,menues or Battles (this can be used to add details to the battle, like trees):

WorldMap: the game will feature at least 8 Worldmaps, each one with his own characteristics.

Latest Blog

Recruiting Spriters and Artist

Well, i am searching Spriters and Artists for the game.

Basically, i need the next things:


- Minkoff sprites
- A dead pose graphic



- A representatio of the sprites (232 x 424)


If you are interested, contac me via Pm, on this topic or MSN. My email address is:


I dont have money to pay, the only thing that i can give is credits.
I really need help on this, thanks in advance to all the interested.
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  • 07/06/2011 10:25 PM
  • 04/19/2012 03:58 AM
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First post? O_o

Looks amazing, subbed.
The project looks really good...

The second sound track seems more appropriate for the battles... because there is this ominous feel to it...
Guardian Gorgon of the Description Thread
Not to sound belligerent (thought I'm probably coming off that way), but, I swear, this is, like, the seventeenth time I've seen those videos/screens posted!
My mind is full of fuck.
Any more updates? I see you properly need more spriters...
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Yeah, it's been a while, what's going on with this?
Dead, as my pasion for RPG Makek xPP

I should delete this xD
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