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The story is about a world only consist of 2 nations fighting each other for the sake of territory. Those nations are Ravens and Crows. Crows are raising numbers of combatant by sending orphans all over the nation to an academy to train them into experienced combatants, while Ravens use the captured Crows' combatants and turned them into Mutants. The story will start from a mission for Squads from Crows' Combatant Academy's attacking one of the Ravens' Headquarter.


Squad F Leader.
Uses Sword as his weapon choice.

Squad F Gunner
Excels in Gun.
Can use his gun to fire magic bullets.

Squad F Medic
Uses Support & Healing Magic

Squad G Member, uses Telekinesis ability.
Can create a Poltergeist-like phenomenon.

That's pretty much all the characters, for now...

Features in the Game
Well, I kinda dislike the standard RPG leveling system, so I'm crafting my own leveling system, which is kinda broken and can easily be exploited.
I call it 'Enforcer Leveling System'.

That's pretty much it, gonna update sometime soon.

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