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Featured - July 2012

Thanks to everyone that made Pengui! the featured game for RMN this July 2012.

Stay cool this summer!


V1.0 Now Out - Enjoy the Full Adventure

The full adventure of Pengui! is now available for download. Enjoy!


Now Beta Testing

Pengui! has now been officially completed and is ready for some beta testers. If you are interested just leave me a message and I'll send you the game for testing. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help!

Pengui thanks you too of course.

Progress Report

December 2011 Update

What was supposed to be a summer release will end up being a winter release instead. I apologize for the delay but unfortunately unforeseen circumstances got in the way. The game is pretty much complete and just requires some final testing to make sure there are no major bugs.

When will it be released? Very soon. :)


Status of the Game

Pengui! is very close to completion. In fact, every level is complete save for the final boss encounter which has been giving me some grief. I'm at the point where I want to scrap the work I've done on it and do something completely different. I just want to release this game as soon as possible. Hopefully it'll see the light of day within a few short weeks.

I'm anticipating an August release if all goes well. What better way to cool off in the hot summer months than by sliding around in the arctic as a penguin?
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