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Graphics and Menus and Crates, oh my!

  • bob_esc
  • 07/22/2011 10:31 PM
So just some information about the current version of the game:

Graphics: Yeah, it's the RTP crate, but I hope to rectify that at a later date. Yeah, they're all recolors of the same crate. And yeah, that's some REFMAP in there for good measure. If I am lucky, that will change. I'll make myself some graphics, but as of right now, its an engine and some puzzles.

Menus: Anyone wanting to add to the game (you want to, trust me) is going to have a real fun time wading through my wonderful menu code to link up their levels. Throw the map files at me and I will integrate them. The whole code for the menu is a mess and nothing is really easy to do because of the way I started, so...yeah. And in general with the menu, levels in the level selector will eventually be locked until you beat them or encounter them (I'm not sure which). For now, feel free to go wherever.

Crates: I think I'm going to put together a page about the crates and just some basic information about each type of crate and maybe even some basic challenges/help with each one.

Oh my: I done maked a game for RMN. Woopee! Once it has a download, people might even play it.