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Zephyr Skies: The Winter Sage is a fantasy epic made for the RMN Summer Games 2011. We have delivered a highly polished project within a short time budget by augmenting existing WombatRPGs talent with a variety of contributions from creative sources from around the site.

Zephyr Skies follows the path of Nathaniel Everard, a mercenary of the nation of Calcedonia. Most of his work is for the Calcedonian High Throne, situated in the capital city of Labrynne. In the winter of the year 1305, the crown prince Reginald Scott Piedmont tasks Nathaniel with the kidnapping of a certain peasant girl deep in the heart of Malcairn territory. The prince is vague about his reasons, saying she is important to the future of Calcedonia. The mission promises to be dangerous; the empire of Malcaira viciously defends itself from foreigners, but the pay is good and Nathaniel accepts. With only minor run-ins with Malcairn soldiers, he captures the girl Violet and heads back for Labrynne.

However, when Nathaniel returns to Labrynne with the captive Violet in tow, he learns that prince Reginald Scott Piedmont, the king, and over half of the royal family have been assassinated in a single night. Calcedonia is in an uproar. The next in line for the throne is the young Luke Lloyd Piedmont, an untested prince of only 8 years old. As Nathaniel tries to sort out his situation, he becomes caught up with a secret guild of mages, scholars, and con men that seem to be chasing after Violet. With the prince dead, Nathaniel is at a loss to explain the purpose of Violet. As he falls into negotiations with the guild, the high throne, and the diplomats of Malcaira, a conspiracy slowly comes to light that will rattle all of Calcedonia.

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First of all, we've gotten a lot of feedback in the two years since this game was completed. Most of it was positive, but there were also a lot of concerns about the balance of the Four Horsemen boss in the Millennium Planes so we've decided to update etc etc tetris etc

Anyway, we've started work on a THRILLING SEQUEL, the next game in the Zephyr Skies saga! If you're filled with questions about what's a real game, what's not a real game, what's the purpose of Zephyr Skies, what's the best way to solve the Tektuk Hidden Cave elevator puzzle, then we also have an FAQ for you. We're looking to forward to making something similar-but-very-different and hope you'll enjoy it too.

Thanks for the support!



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I am talking about the tetris thing at the start of the game,with the author telling you that the world is broken and then occurs that tetris thing..I have passed that thig and then it starts all over..If it stops after some time i don't know it but it's pretty annoying and you should have put the option to avoid it because many people don't like to waste their time.

Thankfully you didn't pay for the game and can simply delete it if it's not to your liking. And if you don't get the point of this "game", which seems to be the case, then this is exactly what you should do.
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
Of course i didn't want to complain but after an hour of trying to solve the puzzles and going the same thing over and over again i have the right to post my complaints..And i don't have a clue about what to do!!Does the game progress if you manage to solve all the puzzles?Or there isn't any further and it's only this tetris? I don't think i am being paranoid or something,i just want to know if this is really an rpg or a puzzle game.You are right,i may not get the "point" of this game but i would like to know if there is anything except from puzzles and what to do to enjoy the main game.
Guardian Ghost of the Description Thread
What are you talking about? I found that the game progresses regardless of how well one does on the puzzles.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
@Velious : I sympathize, just PMed you.
Ok,thanks chana for the answer :) But seriously guys,this shouldn't be in the RPG category :p
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
It was part of the element of surprise.
Ok then i have to hand it to you,it was a great idea with all the aditional stuff and it really got me interested to try it :)
Once a member of RMN, always a member of RMN!
Wow... I really should have read the comments before I opened this... you guys... are a bunch of dicks... but in a funny way!

My soul is still a bit crushed by the initial excitement seeing all the maps, and then realizing that the game was entirely meant to fuck with our minds! Still, I see the point; should have realized what was going on when there were that many maps and only a month to finish. Congrats I guess...?
Remember when I actually used to make games? Me neither.
How the hell I'm one of the developers?

Edit: Yay i'm not one of the devs anymore.
My mind is full of fuck.
I wanted to play a game, not a puzzle I cannot get past. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SUPER SAIYAN.
I feel that the idea of the game being broken is a really cool idea. However, I do not appreciate in the slightest that this game has no RPG aspect to it whatsoever, that I was given no warning before the game began "glitching" that this was a normal occurrence, or that this game page is total bull**** and does nothing but make players feel stupid. A lot of things about this game could have been awesome but instead I have to give it a double thumbs down for the above mentioned issues. And before anyone starts, yes I understand the humor in this and yes I can appreciate that it is a joke. But since it is a joke that made me repeatedly restart my computer and did not give me even a second of fun playing, I don't really care about that.

On a positive note, I would absolutely play this game if it was a game and if I actually had to do something RPG related to repair the world. The concept is fun. As long as it comes with a warning right from the start.
OK, after I downloaded it, I thought that there were not much maps as I expected. Then were the surprising intro, which brought in the feeling of wrongness. Aah. Then came the game. I remembered some things in my poor life... then I tried to read game page... Read it, analysed it and understood something deep. Thank you for that. Pity I am too lame to achieve a perfect ending. Well, sorry, Link, your adventure is in another game.
*went replaying DQ2 to calm himself*

My mind is full of fuck.
Where's the real game? lol
Someone probably already answered this, but when i open the game up, I get the intro, of the map and a brief description of the winter-coming, and then when the supposed main character is talking about how he loves visiting the town it crashes and restarts.. help?
Someone probably already answered this, but when i open the game up, I get the intro, of the map and a brief description of the winter-coming, and then when the supposed main character is talking about how he loves visiting the town it crashes and restarts.. help?

Most people report that this problem resolves itself if you continue playing. We'll get our debug team looking at it.
You know, usually I'm quite happy to play games that are one the site and all that, especially when they looked as good and interesting as this one, but I don't like being fucked with. At. All.

So yeah, thanks for that. I'll put you on my not to play list. Enjoy.

@Zap: It's a troll game. There is no game. Just a tetris-type minigame if you go through the 'bug'. Don't expect anything worth playing here.
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<K-hos> And he just took an arrow to the knee :v
<Decky> ...
<Decky> I'm gonna take an arrow to the crotch when lib signs on :D

Seriously though, guys. I think this has gone on long enough. Happy new year!
did someone say angels
Why was this nominated for best non-RPG? The genre is listed as RPG.
Why was this nominated for best non-RPG? The genre is listed as RPG.

I agree with you. While I'm not mad at the joke, this shouldn't be allowed to be on the Misaos since it's all a hoax... a conspiracy theory! :P