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First of all, we've gotten a lot of feedback in the two years since this game was completed. Most of it was positive, but there were also a lot of concerns about the balance of the Four Horsemen boss in the Millennium Planes so we've decided to update etc etc tetris etc

Anyway, we've started work on a THRILLING SEQUEL, the next game in the Zephyr Skies saga! If you're filled with questions about what's a real game, what's not a real game, what's the purpose of Zephyr Skies, what's the best way to solve the Tektuk Hidden Cave elevator puzzle, then we also have an FAQ for you. We're looking to forward to making something similar-but-very-different and hope you'll enjoy it too.

Thanks for the support!



IT'S A TRAP! - Admiral Deckibar

First of all, on behalf of the entire development team, we with you a Happy New Year!

There's just under one day left for Misao voting, and I just wanted to say that I hope you consider our game for your votes. If you have already voted for us, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.


50 facebook shares/tweets and 500 downloads

Thanks to everyone for giving our epic RPG a shot, and thanks to those of you who have shared it. These milestones mean a lot to our team, especially as we begin to consider plans for a sequel to be released for the next contest. Stay tuned!

With regards,


Senior Vice President of Mapping and Story Direction


So, about those maps...

All these maps will not be going to waste. They either have been or will be incorporated into Carlsev Saga II, which can be found here:


I promise I won't include a tetris minigame. I promise!

But yeah, guys - thanks for all your positive feedback, and for going along with this rather "surreal" joke, if you will. We had a lot of fun. Kudos to Psy for being the brainchild, and for his forum friends for coming up with a lot of the ideas on this game page. I'm sure many of them will be put to use in future projects!


Please report bugs!

Sometimes, the occasional glitch or bug slips through the cracks, even when you have a group of dedicated and highly trained designers like us. Therefore, we humbly request that players report any bugs they find. Just respond to this blog post with your reports.

We want to make sure the game runs smoothly, efficiently, and cleanly - without any kind of strange obstructions, loops, or error messages popping up. We will promptly upload a new download every time a bug is found.



Only hours to release...

Hello all,

We here at Imperishable Wombat Studios Presents: Team Wombat Productions are happy to announce that we will be finishing on time for the contest. All that remains now is some final beta testing and content addition on the card front. This means that we've officially reached Phase 6 and a download should be posted within 8 hours. I'll be around trying to coordinate all of us developers as we integrate our final changes into the complete version. Thanks for your patience.

bob_esc has also been kind enough to document the card-based magic system on the game page. He finished his assigned project early (congrats!) and graciously volunteered his time to this project. You can check all of the source cards from the game page, and attack cards should be forthcoming. When quack_tape is done bugfixing the mechanics cards, there should be a system mechanics page as well. In the meantime, stay tuned, and the download should be here shortly!


Announcing: card-based magic CBS!

I'm happy to announce we've completed all of phase 2 of development and we're moving on to phase 3! This means all of our mapping, dialogue, and concept work is complete. We have ahead of us a lot of resource work and we need to string some areas together still, but we should definitely be able to complete Zephyr Skies by the deadline. Progress has been excellent and only one or two members have been having commitment problems. The zones lists is now complete, and we have enough manpower to allow on pair of developers to continue working on a few new areas while the rest of us move on to phase 3 proper.

The issue of the battle system has finally been decided. We'll have the final details out on a game page, but for now, I can at least present the concept: card-based magic. Magic users can draw a card or two from their deck as an action, and then cast using a card as an action. After being cast, a card is put in the discard/uncharged pile. Some powerful cards might require that you discard other cards as part of their cost. Deck sizing is just as important as MP. Don't want to risk the chances of drawing cards? Use your melee attack! Another advantage of card-based magic: it makes magic more costly in a tactical sense, yes it has high DPS, but you need to spend time moving to the back, then you need to draw cards until you find it. Of course, this all means that magic will be very powerful in the world of Zephyr Skies. Also, keep an eye out around the map for collectible cards... You'll have to find most spells if you want to use them.

Programming for the system is mostly complete. There's a standard turn-based system behind the magic card concept so as to fit within the month long scope, but currently, another programmer (GS) and I have worked out the battle flow, menus, and everything else associated with a CBS except the cards. As the art and design teams progress we should have a better idea of which cards are available. When the list is finalized, they'll be programmed in and added to the game page, so stay tuned.

We're also happy to announce a weather system, spearheaded and mostly implemented by bob_esc. With this system, various semi-random weather conditions occur both on the overworld and in battle. These conditions all have minor effects on things like elemental strength, accuracy, etc, but also special hidden effects. For instance, rivers might flood during heavy rain weathers, and as part of a plot event, ports close during heavy weather. Some weather conditions also have hidden battle effects, but you'll have to discover these for yourself.... When you find one, you won't miss it.

So that's all for now. Back soon with the latest developments, and best of luck to our competitors... they'll need it.


Phase 2.5 complete!

Alright, Imperishable Wombat Studios presents: Team Wombat Productions is happy to annonce that phase 2.5 of development is complete. We have most major zones done and we're looking to wrap up the last two that are vital to the storyline. (These would be Tektuk Forest and Silvius; the zone teams for those two areas were busy fleshing out the eternium mines.) At this rate we should have mapping/programming done for the entire game (that'd be the end of phase 2) by August 15th. From there we'll be working on an interactive dialogue system and the main story script. We're using a pretty neat patch that allows text to be inserted and extracted from RM maps, allowing us to use external text programs to get our game script down and then just inject it into placeholder events. It's called DreaMaker and if anyone's interested I can put it up in my locker.

Our promotional writer has also been hard at work on the game page, and we have a new area list available. These are the major areas traversed in the game that we've completed so far (aside from Tektuk and Silvius, of course). As development progresses into phase 3, we'll probably be detailing our new weather system (!!) as well as expanding on the zones. A dungeon list is also planned.

We *have* reached a decision on the CBS, but that information's classified until we're ready to show some mockups. I've made a couple MSpaint diagrams, but those are kind of ugly and the UI artist should have the skins ready for next blog. I'll be sure to post when we reach phase 3, so until then, glad you're watching the game and we hope to impress. Thanks!


Welcome to Zephyr Skies!

Hey all, here on team Imperishable Wombat Studios presents: Team Wombat Productions, we've just finished up the main scoping phase and we're moving into full production. I figured I'd offer our followers a brief outline of what's coming and the full look in to the inner workings of Imperishable Wombat Studios presents: Team Wombat Productions.

First of all, we've decided on the full story and pacing for Zephyr Skies. We're trying to ensure that the game's playable by the casual audiences coming for the summer games event, but also fully thought out and satisfying enough for those looking to enjoy it in its own right. This leads to a heavy exploration-based game but with a strong storyline should the player chose to follow it. We're looking at five to six "zones," basically smaller dungeons that are necessary to complete the game. The IWSPTWP team is rather large, so we've split into subgroups of 1-2 developers each working on their individual zones with oversight and integration by four of us on the global zone committee that's the main force on the creative side. However, we also have enough talent here to produce up to 15 of these "zones" for the final version. However many zones the player chooses to complete will affect the player's full understanding of the story. However, the essentials to the secret of Zephyr Skies are all in the main zones, so have no fear! Expect a full zone listing later today.

We're also contemplating what we can cover in terms of mechanics before the deadline. A few members of the technical subgroup really want to try a CBS, but we're still reviewing mockups and doing scoping exercises to see if this is feasible. When that decision's made, expect a post about it. Until then, we'll keep you up to date with what's going on with the zone teams; in other words, more mapping previews!
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