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Welcome to Zephyr Skies!

Hey all, here on team Imperishable Wombat Studios presents: Team Wombat Productions, we've just finished up the main scoping phase and we're moving into full production. I figured I'd offer our followers a brief outline of what's coming and the full look in to the inner workings of Imperishable Wombat Studios presents: Team Wombat Productions.

First of all, we've decided on the full story and pacing for Zephyr Skies. We're trying to ensure that the game's playable by the casual audiences coming for the summer games event, but also fully thought out and satisfying enough for those looking to enjoy it in its own right. This leads to a heavy exploration-based game but with a strong storyline should the player chose to follow it. We're looking at five to six "zones," basically smaller dungeons that are necessary to complete the game. The IWSPTWP team is rather large, so we've split into subgroups of 1-2 developers each working on their individual zones with oversight and integration by four of us on the global zone committee that's the main force on the creative side. However, we also have enough talent here to produce up to 15 of these "zones" for the final version. However many zones the player chooses to complete will affect the player's full understanding of the story. However, the essentials to the secret of Zephyr Skies are all in the main zones, so have no fear! Expect a full zone listing later today.

We're also contemplating what we can cover in terms of mechanics before the deadline. A few members of the technical subgroup really want to try a CBS, but we're still reviewing mockups and doing scoping exercises to see if this is feasible. When that decision's made, expect a post about it. Until then, we'll keep you up to date with what's going on with the zone teams; in other words, more mapping previews!


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