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Phase 2.5 complete!

Alright, Imperishable Wombat Studios presents: Team Wombat Productions is happy to annonce that phase 2.5 of development is complete. We have most major zones done and we're looking to wrap up the last two that are vital to the storyline. (These would be Tektuk Forest and Silvius; the zone teams for those two areas were busy fleshing out the eternium mines.) At this rate we should have mapping/programming done for the entire game (that'd be the end of phase 2) by August 15th. From there we'll be working on an interactive dialogue system and the main story script. We're using a pretty neat patch that allows text to be inserted and extracted from RM maps, allowing us to use external text programs to get our game script down and then just inject it into placeholder events. It's called DreaMaker and if anyone's interested I can put it up in my locker.

Our promotional writer has also been hard at work on the game page, and we have a new area list available. These are the major areas traversed in the game that we've completed so far (aside from Tektuk and Silvius, of course). As development progresses into phase 3, we'll probably be detailing our new weather system (!!) as well as expanding on the zones. A dungeon list is also planned.

We *have* reached a decision on the CBS, but that information's classified until we're ready to show some mockups. I've made a couple MSpaint diagrams, but those are kind of ugly and the UI artist should have the skins ready for next blog. I'll be sure to post when we reach phase 3, so until then, glad you're watching the game and we hope to impress. Thanks!


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You forgot to mention the sidequests!
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