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Only hours to release...

Hello all,

We here at Imperishable Wombat Studios Presents: Team Wombat Productions are happy to announce that we will be finishing on time for the contest. All that remains now is some final beta testing and content addition on the card front. This means that we've officially reached Phase 6 and a download should be posted within 8 hours. I'll be around trying to coordinate all of us developers as we integrate our final changes into the complete version. Thanks for your patience.

bob_esc has also been kind enough to document the card-based magic system on the game page. He finished his assigned project early (congrats!) and graciously volunteered his time to this project. You can check all of the source cards from the game page, and attack cards should be forthcoming. When quack_tape is done bugfixing the mechanics cards, there should be a system mechanics page as well. In the meantime, stay tuned, and the download should be here shortly!