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Party Characters

Nathaniel Everard
Age: 26 Hometown: Escharlot, Calcedonia
Base Class: Freelancer
A mercenary living in Labrynne. He was cut out for rough work from a young age, but his independent spirit prevented him from joining the Calcedonian army. Instead, he took up odd jobs around the capital until being hired by Reginald Scott Piedmont, whom he happened to run into in a bar. Nathaniel can be a bit unreliable, but he has a strong sense of duty to his country and the royal family especially.

Age: 12 Hometown: Epherville, Malcaira
Base Class: Seer
The daughter of a Malcairn farmer. She has great latent abilities, but after being kidnapped and brought into Calcedonia, she is often too stressed to show any sign of talent. Her escape attempts are often but almost always fail, as the journey from Labrynne back into Malcaira is a great distance. If she is to come to terms with the present, she must learn to have confidence in her own abilities.

Kolstya One-Eye
Age: 24 Hometown: Labrynne, Calcedonia
Base Class: Mage
A little-known mage and alchemist, also a Knight-rank in the guild. He serves as a public envoy when envoys are needed, but mostly sticks to the shadows to conduct his work. Most of the time, his only interaction with the "commoners" is to express his disdain. Nevertheless, his talents as a mage earned him his position and he must be trusted if Nathaniel and Violet wish to survive.

Rachele la Conti
Age: 30 Hometown: Silvius, Malcaira
Base Class: Fencer
A diplomat from Malcaira. She's used to getting her way by any means possible, and her methods of "diplomacy" haven't made her many friends. Her effectiveness in a crunch, however, has proven invaluable often enough for her to be promoted to the vice ambassador to Calcedonia. It's on her mission there that she encounters Nathaniel and Violet.


Reginald Scott Piedmont
Age: 19 Hometown: Labrynne, Calcedonia
The crown prince to the high throne of Calcedonia... or he would be until he was assassinated by an unknown party. His down-to-earth manner earned him a few friends among the peasentry, but more enemies among the nobility. He used Nathaniel as his private contractor on personal jobs. Solving the reason for his and his father's death could prove key to the crisis gripping Calcedonia...

Luke Lloyd Piedmont
Age: 8 Hometown: Labrynne, Calcedonia
The newest occupant of the High Throne of Calcedonia. He keeps up a humorous and good-natured exterior, but only glimpses of the boy underneath are visible. His actions show traces of discontent, sadism, poor confidence, and great intelligence, but his true nature is unknown.

Lord Franz Constantin:
Age: 55 Hometown: Silvius, Malcaira
The de factor ruler of the Malcaira Empire. The Constantin family has held tight control of the central governing senate, but recent splits have shaken Lord Constantin's power. He's willing to do anything to regain it.

Age: 19 Hometown: Labrynne, Calcedonia
A vagabond and "intelligence man" working the streets of Labrynne. He's a good source of information about the secret goings on of the guild, though his true allegiance is unknown.

Great Sage Aven:
Age: ??? Hometown: ???, Calcedonia
A mysterious figure in the lore of Calcedonia... They say he's only a hermit mage living in the hills, but he could have deeper ties to the guild than ever expected...