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As is common in the world of the Fantasy RPG, the player characters can take on a variety of different jobs, or Classes. In Zephyr Skies: The Winter Sage, the characters can choose between a variety of classes both physical and arcane.

Weapon Types: Staves, Wands
Elemental Aptitudes:

Description: While not seeking the Philospher's Stone, the members of the Alchemists' Guild hone their brand of unusual skill. First and foremost in their skillset is their heretical practice of mixing spellcards. This gives them a unique blend of magic, both offensive and tactical, but it also makes what they learn unpredicatble. No two Alchemists are the same. Their Guild is an exclusive one--only those with the highest magical prowess are invited to join. The downside to this is they pride themselves on their philosophical congresses, and this tendency to lead sedentary lifestyles. Alchemists are known for their minds, not for their strength or speed.

Weapon Types: Wands, Swords
Elemental Aptitudes:

Description: Arcanists are, by and large, much more temperamental than Naturalists. They are usually young, impulsive, and violent, and, unless they are naturally gifted, they tend to use communication with powerful arcane spirits. Their magic generally focuses on more powerful summons, offensive arcane spells, and cruel status hexes. Because of the usual source of their power, most have a good measure of skill with swords, a 'crude and worthless' form of defense before discovering their devastating arcane aptitudes.

Battle Mage
Weapon Types: Staves, Knives, Light Polearms
Elemental Aptitudes:

Description: The Battle Mage is the standard soldier in the Calcedonian Army's Magicians Corps. He possesses little to no tactical spells, and is slightly tougher than the average spellcaster when faced with physical attacks. Training for the Magicians Corps includes basic training with staves, knives, and polearms, although the weaker physique of the Battle Mage limits him to lighter polearms.

Weapon Types: Dueling Swords, Hands
Elemental Aptitudes:

Description: Like most sane generals will tell you, having a dedicated group of Chaplains under your command is very useful. Their military training has made them hardier and more resilient, and Mixed with their vast talent for healing are a few specialized offensive spells and a rudimentary course in swordplay. However, due to their supernatural talent for healing, they are not suited for direct combat and are prone to status ailments.

Weapon Types: Staves, Claws
Elemental Aptitudes:

Description: One with nature, the Druid has little power of his own. The Druid relies on the wild along with local plant life to assist him in his adventures. Based on the surroundings of the battle, the allied creatures will change. Most often associated with the woods, Druids are most powerful in such an environment. More populated, urban areas are unpopular with Druids, as they tend to keep to themselves. Some more powerful Druids are capable of transforming into a totem animal passed down through their family.

Weapon Types: Polearms
Elemental Aptitudes:

Description: Halberdiers are the elite Calcedonian soldiers. This means their training is second to none, and most of their skills can be used to help allies on the battlefield. As one of the most comprehensive units in the world, the Halberdier has also been taught some basic offensive magic spells, but his lack of depth can sometimes be his undoing on the arcane front.

Weapon Types: Swords, Knives
Elemental Aptitudes:

Description: Marines are the perfect soldier for pirate hunting and high-seas combat. They are trained mostly by the Calcedonian Army to strike enemy ships in small groups to either sink or commandeer. Strength, speed, and deadly precision make Marines deadly in any situation, and their expert nautical abilities make them perfect for breaking up hostile naval strikes. Demand for their assassin-like qualities has caused some of these elite soldiers to work for the highest bidder.

Weapon Types: Hands
Elemental Aptitudes:

Description: The Naturalist is a mage specializing in the the natural elements. They generally complete long apprenticeships with their masters in such out-of-the-way locations as Aurora City, the Sleeping Dragon, or Twilight Lagoon. As they tend to be more concerned with natural balance than the more practical art of self defense, Naturalists are not skilled in many types of weapon use. Those who deign to fight as mercenaries claim communing with natural forces is more than enough. Unlike Battle Mages, Naturalists can acquire more tactical spells that heal, poison, and confuse, but their offensive range is restricted to the four natural elements.

Weapon Types: Swords, Bows, Knives, Axes, Hands
Elemental Aptitudes:

Description: Rangers are classic loners; they spend most of their time outdoors, traveling. They generally have no other allies than their weapons, and for this reason, most of their skills are focused on helping themselves, and what few spells they can cast are usually full of guile and trickery. Places such as the Western Ridge, the Calcedonian Highlands, and the Northern Providences tend to produce many Rangers due to the rugged way of life in those areas.

Weapon Types: Dueling Swords, Knives
Elemental Aptitudes:

Description: In many places, Rogues are seen as nothing more than highwaymen or thugs, but in practice, they are much more skillful. Life in rural communities and city outskirts have given Rogues an aptitude for theft, blackmail, and fierce loyalty. They have learned many stealthy tactics to aid their day-to-day business, and even a few of them have mastered stealth and sleep spells.

Weapon Types: Wands, Hands
Elemental Aptitudes:

Description: As their ability to commune with ethereal powers would suggest, Seers generally come from troubled pasts. As little else is similar between different Seers, few generalizations can be made. On that can be made is that they generally have a talent for staying alive and making sure those who would exploit their abilities cannot. They are societal pariahs, their magic is considered by many to be very strange indeed, which has given rise to a few strange rumors.

Weapon Types: Bows
Elemental Aptitudes:

Description: The very first company of Sharpshooters were trained by the Malcairn Army, and they were trained to live off the land and to hit targets exactly at a thousand paces. Now, most armies in the civilized world have several elite units of Sharpshooters to deal with special threats. With this adept training, the Sharpshooter has very little skill with much other than a bow, but what skills he does know either improve his marksmanship or augment his power. A Sharpshooter gone rogue would make any outfit of criminals proud.

Weapon Types: Polearms, Axes, Swords
Elemental Aptitudes:

Description: Sieges are selected for training based on their large physiques and brute strength. Typically not known for their willpower or intelligence, what little free space there is in their brains is crammed full of weapon techniques. This lack of learning aptitude does not detract from their utility in any army as a either a tank or crowd dispersing unit.


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