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The Hiranyagarbha is the ordeal in which World Crafters have to endure to create a new World.

You are an average student, suffering through school, work, and parent's expectations.
As a World Crafter, you are also chosen to decide the fate of the new World.

Traverse the Hiranyagarbha with your allies. Explore the secrets, discover the possibilities, and choose one World to create.
Or choose to abandon your duty, and destroy the World..

FRACTURE_ is a nonlinear(sadly, with the time constraints, no longer nonlinear) dungeon crawler RPG.
With over 20 floors, hundreds of secrets, thousands of peril, and millions of enemies, the Hiranyagarbha is not a place to stroll casually in.
Don't die though! You cannot reincarnate easily!

You should probably expect that this game is a bit... difficult. :)

The game is inspired heavily by the SMT (Shin Megami Tensei) series!
It also references Hindu mythology, but no one is perfect, so if I made a mistake somewhere, please do point it out!

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Rhyme told me to write this

There's a Fracture download up. I hear it is a pretty rad demo! I wouldn't know because I vanished for several weeks and didn't do the work I was supposed to do for this project, but Rhyme made me write this anyway!

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  • 08/04/2011 07:18 AM
  • 01/24/2013 04:58 AM
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Curse you Rhyme, curse you to heck.
Very neat. I'm interested to see how combat plays out.
Totally throwback. Eager to see how this pans out for the contest. Good luck!
AHA I knew it. AS soon as I saw screenshots the first thing that popped up in my head was Rhyme :D
Good job writing a description that makes zero sense!
Sweet! Oldschool! I really am digging this since this game takes me back to when I was a kid playing that old maze game where you would go through all those corridors and various rooms and find wonderful powerup's and items, and stuff... If this game is anything like that, I will die a happy man! *subscribed!*
Resident foodmonster
Good job writing a description that makes zero sense!

It all makes perfect sense, I dunno what you're complaining about!
Good job writing a description that makes zero sense!
it's surreal
Tear Harvester Rhyme
it's surreal

A game by Rhyme would already make me intrigued, but with KreadEX too?
* Karsuman sneaks into the developers list *
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
Subbed, it looks nice.
Although I haven't tried so many games in RPG maker's community...

This game system looks refreshing. (good old smt) A neat job done using only RPGVX's engine. I don't see many in-depth original systems around, such as this one.
When choose not to use the default RPGVX's system, many creators uses scripts from famous script maker, perhaps?

The only problem is.. when the full game will be out. Will be waiting for the missing graphics and story. ^^
And the ability to summon the "Office Whores" to deal damage to the enemies.
Why isn't this game featured yet?!
Tear Harvester Rhyme
...because it's not done :C
I like this concept. Gave the demo a quick test drive and I think it will offer the RM community something refreshing. I'll be looking for the completed version.
Gave the game a good hour, and I enjoyed it. Gonna continue in a day or so.
Are you still working on this, Rhyme?
Tear Harvester Rhyme
I want to. :( using VX makes it hard for me to though.
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