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50 years ago, the demon lord Malfas defeated the great hero Athan when they collided in an epic struggle. Now it's your turn to finish the job as you explore the rich world of Elar.

Tales of Heroes is a classic "swords and sorcery" style RPG. Features include: random battles, a mana/resource system that encourages skill use while also requiring some balance and forethought, "bounty" system for money-making, and large maps that encourage open-ended exploration (not implemented in the demo).

Much of game uses the proprietary RPGM XP graphics and sounds. Some custom graphics were taken from phanxgames.com, and the title script was taken from RMXP.org. Names of certain abilities were shamelessly borrowed from World of Warcraft as place-holders only. All other game elements were developed by myself, and any similarity to any other work is purely coincidental.

The demo should last about 30 minutes to one hour, depending on how much time you take to absorb everything. Tales of Heroes was designed on purpose to be difficult, but nothing in the demo is impossible to defeat, so keep at it.

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Archfiend is the reason I signed up here! :D

I downloaded the game, played (am currently palying as I type) and I think it's great!
I just had to leave a comment here, and rate it 5 stars, 2 thumbs up! :D

Thank you.
I hope you upload more games. ^.^
I really enjoyed your game. I hope you have a full version or start another game like it soon. Keep at it!
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