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Once, in the town of Waldsberg, there was a boy named Miles who loved to play with his dog Doc. But one day, that dog went out and never returned... So Miles set out to find him.

Man's Best Friend an exploration-based game following Miles as he tracks down his pet dog Doc Pawesome, or "Doc." There are no battles, and all gameplay is through NPC interaction and solving puzzles in the areas around Waldsberg. Though there is very little story presented at the beginning of the game, there are a variety of subplots to be uncovered that all point toward Doc's whereabouts and his own quest...

This is a collaboration project between psy_wombats and bob_esc. All resources used are RTP or RTP splicing by bob_esc. Mapping by psy_wombats/bob_esc, puzzles by psy_wombats. Game length is somewhere between two and four hours.

Latest Blog

MBF Men in Hats Edition released!

Hey all, just posted the download for MBF 1.2, just in time for the new year. New features include puzzle corrections, new NPCs, and last but not least, collectable hats! (every game is better with hats, right?) More info here.

Anyway, it's available for download now and provided there aren't any game-breaking bugs, this should be the final version. This is about the only RM game I'm actually proud of, so hopefully it's enjoyable.


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(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
"There are no battles, and all gameplay is through NPC interaction and solving puzzles in the areas around Smallville."
Subscribed! (The story and the mapping too.)
I like the sound of this. Seems interesting and different (non-combat, non-fantasy/magic/swords etc). Subbed.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Hiatus.. too bad.
best friend my ass WHERE IS IT
Psy_wombats started working on a project that would actually get him some cash monies, and I had a bad case of the college finals. So rather than your ass, the game was a "second priority."
I just updated the download to include the missing "Title1.png." For some reason it wasn't included in the original release and those without the 2k RTP were unable to play.
Just reporting a bug.

I tried moving the cannon down twice, now I can't seem to move at all. :X

Love the game guys~<3
That'll fix its self if you exit and then reenter the room.
I like the sound of this

It's called the standard RTP music...
I just realized, the plot of this game is the reverse of a game im making! (Dog saves owner)

Downloading this.....
Thanks for the heads up, uploaded a version with the DLL included.
I can't use the ladder/rope properly .. I know I have to unlock the door somehow after I got past the broken ladder, but I can't seem to find anything. So I'm kind of stuck.

So far it's fairly enjoyable .. whatever running around friendly pirates has to do with finding a dog I don't know, but it's entertaining.
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