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So, some people find my obtuse piano puzzles to be infuriatingly, well... Obtuse.

So I thought I'd provide clues and solutions here so that perhaps people might at least have a better chance of making it through the game.

These are puzzle spoilers: Don't read them if you want to try it without cheating.

First Piano

What were you told earlier in the game not to forget? How would/could that clue translate to the keys on a piano?

Actual solution for lazy times:

C E A (as in - o C E A n)

Second Piano:

Seriously just copy what the dude does. Apparently some people find this impossible and some people find it very easy.


F# D C# (descending, played through twice in a row)

Third Piano:

All the notes were given to you in the previous section, this should be the easiest one because you literally just have to play what you've been told - give or take some fumbling perhaps.


C(high one) A# G# F