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Lunar Wish: Orbs Of Fate is an indie role-playing game developed by LusterMX for the RPG fan community. It provides a unique experience unlike other RPGs in the community and has been made to provide the most complete and fulfilling downloadable gameplay experiences players can enjoy.
One of the elements which set Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate apart from other games of its genre is that it does not feature a clear main protagonist, despite initial impressions of leading characters. This has been implemented to allow each and every one of the characters to develop and expand at their own pace; the progression of the storyline is also unique in this respect as each of the characters has a significant part to play in the plot. There is no hierarchy within Lunar Wish: each character is considered integral to the overall storyline and gameplay experience. As a result, the game itself is rich in character development and is supplemented by surprising twists and unexpected methods of progression, which are guaranteed to take the player on their own journey of discovery as they play along with the characters. Comedic elements are also continually employed, to give the game its characteristic feel and tone through the character’s voices. While on the surface, Lunar Wish may seem like an innocuous, unexciting RPG, but in reality it does well to subvert the player’s expectations of the standard RPG template.
The gameplay schematic of Lunar Wish was designed to be as simple to understand and play as possible. This was done so that even players who are unfamiliar with the RPG genre could start playing immediately and allow themselves to immerse themselves in the world of Lunar Wish. There are no complex systems to learn and the learning curve is kept minimal as to allow as much of the game to shine through as possible. Skill Trees are used within the game to obtain new skills: this system allows the player to further expand their experience with the game as they progress and become more familiar with the game’s structure. As the characters learn new skills and become more adept in battle, as does the player. The simplistic yet effective system of each character focusing on a different element, tactic and strategy means that battling is always enjoyable without ever being overwhelming.
Lunar Wish is ideally suited to casual gamers, but the prime difficulty level means that there are always new challenges ready to surprise and test the player’s ability to think on their feet. Lunar Wish succeeds in bridging the gap between simplicity and difficulty which is a common problem amongst many games of this genre.
Lunar Wish: Orbs Of Fate has been in development for 5 long gruelling years and is truly a labour of love devoted to members of the RPG fanbase community. It has finally been completed as of 27th April 2013. Estimates would place the total game time at just over 12 hours, but take note that Orbs of Fate is just the first part of an epic duo of RPG games, the second of which will be coming very soon. I hope you enjoy playing Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate just as much as I enjoyed making and developing it. Happy playing!

Learn how to install the game ready to play Here


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Latest Blog

V1.07 - Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate

Version 1.07 is released!
The update also contains updates from 1.06, which was never uploaded to RMN, but uploaded to other sites.
Also, massive thanks to Clareain_Christopher for his feedback and criticism in his videos. It has helped loads

1.07 Updates:
*General improvements
*Made it so that if you lose a boss battle, you retain all the items that you had at the start of the battle
when retryting
*Fate's 'Recover' spell now requires just level 2 'Heal' and level 1 'Cure' (previously required level 5 Heal)
*Fate's 'Heal' spell is now more effective
*Removed the random encounters from the Kobold Fortress
*Made it so that Kobolds die once they are defeated
*Adjusted the Party formation window
*Changed the BoP Woods, so that the party no longer randomises
*Fixed some equipments which we're not doing according to their descriptions
*Fixed the Shops, so that the Grass element displays as normal
*Fixed the top left menu bar display in Cronif Cave and the Kobold Fortress
++Special thanks to Clareain_Christopher's feedback videos for pointing issues in the game++

1.06 Updates:
*General improvements
*More typo fixes
*Fixed Circuit Break so that level 1 and 2 attack twice
*Changed 'Lecto Spear' and 'Circuit Break' SP cost so that they are reduced as they level up
*Cindy's 'Freezing Fall','Flame Fall' and 'Fuzz Fall' all now may add Coldness, Burn and Stun respectively
*Fixed a few mapping issues
*Increased the attack power of Tash's 'Mind Arrow' at all levels
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  • Lustermx
  • RPG Maker VX
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  • 08/11/2011 09:33 AM
  • 11/21/2021 10:05 PM
  • 04/27/2013
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Use the zippo and ram on the boulder

I have no idea what you're talking about. But I'm sure I'll find... whatever those are, after I've beaten the boss(who's name I've already forgotten) in the cave.
Is it possible to do side quests later(to go back to all the previous villages you visited)?

I know from some of the quests that they have to be finished later because I need stuff that I'll probably get only later(like all the cokes).

But now I have one quest where I need 20 green goo adn 10 blue goo... and I don't want to do that now... takes too long to farm.
Yes, you can do all the side quests at the right end, if you'd like.
Still stuck in Kobold fortress.
I'm overpowered now but I can't cross the first screen :D
I'd suggest not to let ALL the kobolds be alerted, but just the one you are trying to avoid...
Basically I stop the first, but the second (even if far away) runs to the entrance of the former-spiked path and block it until the first one awakes. I'll figure it out somehow but I think it's a little TOO difficult (The first one sees you even if you are basically out of his sight and lets even the second one be alerted. What's the matter in it?)
Just a suggestion. I will try again and again because I want to see how the story (really good so far) will continue!
Oh, and Sir Luster

I won't be able to go online as regularly as before - our house kinda got robbed and they took my laptop with them (-sigh- all my important files gone just like that -_-) along with my cellphone and a thousand bucks. Net cafes here I come XD(already here at this time xD)

where is the smart person whos good with words for the translation quest?
also is the pow academy ever accessible?
does the game end when you go the portal in dias house?
Kaze, that's terrible. I'm really sorry that happened to you! O_o

Superes, what version are you using. It's really hard on V1.00 and V1.01, but I sorted it out on V1.02. They stay stunned for longer in 1.02.

Nix, he's at the Blue Orb Academy. Also, the Pow Academy is inaccessible in Orbs of Fate, but will be in The Rebellion. It seems like you're close to completion, POST YOUR STATS WHEN YOU'RE DONE!!!
oh i just kind saw nix as an idiot due to all the posing and crap so didnt think of him xD
edit: oh yea he was going bla bla bla in the lecture....and the text goes bla bla bla

ty for the quick reply

p.s. ive loved the game so far
everyone has a nice array of skills, the dialogue made me laugh at out loud more than a few times, and i havent gotten bored and moved to another game (happens alot due to my adhd)
anyway right now im at 16 or so hours and just doing the rest of the side quests

im debating whether i want to grind all of my characters till their skill trees are finished
Yea I'm still coping with it, but it's nothing a little gaming here and there won't fix. XD

Ahaha YES! finally someone is gonna be joining me at THE HALL, I was getting lonely in there :P

Will be going home now, I'll probably peek here every 2 days or so XD
where do you find the last coke flavor i got clear original cherry banana blueberry and apple

nvm found it
ok i have cindys ultimate, mysts ultimate, arcs ultimate, kestrels ultimate, vennas ultimate, nyas ultimate, fates ultimate, and falks ultimate

stll questing for saber tash and kross
ive got 13 completed quests and cant seem to find any more
13 side quests means you've got and done them all :)
You're nearly there!
ive got soul stones and picked up a bunch of purple sparkles which im figuring will net me an ulitmate each....but cant for the life of me figure out where to turn them in

Go to the graveyard towards the east of Tyrone City and give 10 soul stones to one of the graves in the top row
Go to MooMoo and talk to her about the purple sparkles
Using the X-Ray Specs inside houses, I have encountered and interacted with at least
3 sparkles that make a purple mist(or cloud) appear. What use does that mist(or cloud) have, if any?

And also, unless Lustermx actually haven't yet added whatever Gummi's assistants are guarding, in what chapter can you go past them? So far, I've encountered 'em in
Tyrone, Arrowseye, and SnowDown.
Yes, the purple sparkles unlock a side bonus if you find and collect 20 of them. It's completely optional, but it is definitely a nice bonus (and also adds onto your % based completion).
(The bonus can be obtained at end game point)
Well, that's good! I thought it was just something like restoring your MP, which would be useless, seeing as how there are MP-restoring items, green torches, and beds.