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Fate Spero
Class: Angel
Gender: Female
Age: 1054
One of the first characters you encounter in the game, Fate is the very of definition of coldness and determination. She cares little for other humans and animals, preferring to communicate from a distance through simple gestures and blunt comments, rather than getting close to people emotionally. What you see is what you get with Fate, although there is a part of her which suggests that deep down, she cares for own species and homeland, letting nothing get in the way of her goals and dreams. Angel she may be, but Fate is far from angelic.

Falk Valor
Class: Warrior
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Your typical, teenage warrior. You think he’s cliché, others think he’s cliché, even he thinks he’s cliché. Falk is a narcissist through and through: he lives in a fantasy world which involves nothing but him and his own delusional heroism to keep him company through the night. Arrogant and conceited, Falk would gladly place his own emotions before anyone else’s, because lets face it, who is more important to Falk than the great hero himself? He’s beyond happy when he receives what he thinks is a calling to his heroic destiny, but it’s evident that Falk is in desperate need of a wake-up call of a different kind, if you know what I mean.

Tash Fletcher
Class: Archer
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Tash is a brash, vain teenage girl. Much like Falk, she considers others to be beneath her, preferring to spend her free time gazing into a mirror rather than going to class. She spends more time in detention than out of it due to her constant attempts to bunk, much to the exasperation of her teacher. It’s probably because of this that she’s a bit stupid: she once killed a bunny for training which actually turned to be her best friend’s pet. She disappears after Falk receives a message from a mysterious purple blur, just making sure that her hair and make-up still looks good is all that matters to Tash.

Cindy Pulte
Class: Mage
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Whereas characters like Falk and Tash are stuck in their own personal little fantasy worlds, Cindy has her feet stuck firmly on the ground. To her, studying and preparing for her future always comes first before everything else, which is why she’s so devastated when Falk blackmails her into coming with him, effectively ruining her chances of becoming an intellectual. Cindy is never afraid to speak her mind, being very vocal about her opinions towards Falk’s fantasies of being a hero. She can’t tolerate any stupid or illogical individuals, so as a result is very independent and self-confident in her actions as she knows not to rely on other people as they would only let her down.

There are PLENTY of other characters but I'll limit it to these few for now... They are the first that you'll see in the game but have no more significance than some characters not shown here.