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Custom Gadgets
Most of the gadgets I have made have been fully evented by me. They make puzzles so much more interesting!

There are quite a few challenging mini games in the game as well. There's a cow whipping mini game, a throwing star action mini game and more...

Each dungeon isn't only walk, battle, walk battle... I have also made sure each dungeon has a unique and interesting puzzle... And trust me, there are plenty of dungeons

Portal Station
There are a lot of towns and villages in my game so that getting around with a teleporting system makes it much more flexible and easy!

I would say that the flow of the storyline getting revealed bit by bit is really smooth due to the amount of effort I put into each and every scene. There are many comedic instances as well in which you will either love/hate a character.

Battle System
I use the Sideview Battle system, but I have customized it a lot so it has A LOT of original animations. Hence, discovering what each skill looks like and bringing in new techniques your party can gain will make battling very fun and enjoyable.

Skill Tree
In this game, you won't learn new Spells/Skills by leveling up. Instead, you get skill points in which you can decide what build your characters can become. What skills they learn is entirely up to you with each character given a unique Skill Tree.

Multiple Parties
The game does not focus on the same characters all the time. It transitions between different people so you get to explore more ground of The Isle and meet many new characters.

Plenty of Side Quests
Bored of progressing the main quest? Take the challenge of acquiring 100% completion and redeem the benefits! Discover hidden scenes,equipment and items to make your Lunar Wish adventure that much more exciting.


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I like your game because I like Classic RPGs and sideview battle system.
I'll download it soon and try to play it completely
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