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A character called Gummi gives you a new gadget from time to time which you will use to solve multiple puzzles. They are used with keyboard keys. (They're inspired by Zelda items)

X-Ray Specs This item can reveal hidden items! Use it to reveal concealed keys!

Throwing Star The Throwing Star can open treasure chests, pull levers and collect items from afar

Zippo The Zippo can make you much faster and zap you across huge gaps. It can also give you the ability to smash holes and break certain objects.

And plenty more gadgets!


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Are all the gadgets green? It's no big or anything but I'm just curious.
No, they're not. It's just them 3 coincidentally, although the person who sells them (Gummi) has green hair :3 and she quite likes the colour Green. I haven't really noticed that until you mentioned it, though.
I haven't tried this game out yet, but I like the fact that you have the idea of gadgets (similar to lufia). I don't think enough games out there focus on items and skills within the current map
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