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V1.07 - Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate

Version 1.07 is released!
The update also contains updates from 1.06, which was never uploaded to RMN, but uploaded to other sites.
Also, massive thanks to Clareain_Christopher for his feedback and criticism in his videos. It has helped loads

1.07 Updates:
*General improvements
*Made it so that if you lose a boss battle, you retain all the items that you had at the start of the battle
when retryting
*Fate's 'Recover' spell now requires just level 2 'Heal' and level 1 'Cure' (previously required level 5 Heal)
*Fate's 'Heal' spell is now more effective
*Removed the random encounters from the Kobold Fortress
*Made it so that Kobolds die once they are defeated
*Adjusted the Party formation window
*Changed the BoP Woods, so that the party no longer randomises
*Fixed some equipments which we're not doing according to their descriptions
*Fixed the Shops, so that the Grass element displays as normal
*Fixed the top left menu bar display in Cronif Cave and the Kobold Fortress
++Special thanks to Clareain_Christopher's feedback videos for pointing issues in the game++

1.06 Updates:
*General improvements
*More typo fixes
*Fixed Circuit Break so that level 1 and 2 attack twice
*Changed 'Lecto Spear' and 'Circuit Break' SP cost so that they are reduced as they level up
*Cindy's 'Freezing Fall','Flame Fall' and 'Fuzz Fall' all now may add Coldness, Burn and Stun respectively
*Fixed a few mapping issues
*Increased the attack power of Tash's 'Mind Arrow' at all levels


The Hall of Fame awaits...

Have you completed the game?
If so, I'd encourage you to post your final completion stats by taking a screenshot!
When you do this, I'll add you to the Hall of Fame (where we serve free cookies).

Take a look at the page here!
Click me!

At the time of writing, Kazeshini23 has achieved perfection twice, once in 23 hours and a second time in a stunning 15 hours!
If you can top that, post your stats right away! If you can't top that, post anyway
or 'I will have to kill you.' (Quoted from Tash)


Full Game released 04/05/2013

Hello everyone!

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate is finally (and actually) fully released!

I bet most of you forgot and thought it was a dead project, but it's not so HAA! *cough*
Okay, go play it now. :)
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