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Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate - V. 1:08

Start: 2008
Finished: April 27th 2013
Updated to V1.08: 17th August 2013

1.08 Updates:
*General improvements
*Fixed a few typos
*Fixed a glitch where you could not complete the Beach Children side quest
*Fixed a glitch where using Autolife with Fate would cause the Gummi battle to not work
*Fixed a glitch where Larry would stay in prison

1.07 Updates:
*General improvements
*Made it so that if you lose a boss battle, you retain all the items that you had at the start of the battle
when retryting
*Fate's 'Recover' spell now requires just level 2 'Heal' and level 1 'Cure' (previously required level 5 Heal)
*Fate's 'Heal' spell is now more effective
*Removed the random encounters from the Kobold Fortress
*Made it so that Kobolds die once they are defeated
*Adjusted the Party formation window
*Changed the BoP Woods, so that the party no longer randomises
*Fixed some equipments which we're not doing according to their descriptions
*Fixed the Shops, so that the Grass element displays as normal
*Fixed the top left menu bar display in Cronif Cave and the Kobold Fortress
++Special thanks to Clareain_Christopher's feedback videos for pointing issues in the game++

1.06 Updates:
*General improvements
*More typo fixes
*Fixed Circuit Break so that level 1 and 2 attack twice
*Changed 'Lecto Spear' and 'Circuit Break' SP cost so that they are reduced as they level up
*Cindy's 'Freezing Fall','Flame Fall' and 'Fuzz Fall' all now may add Coldness, Burn and Stun respectively
*Fixed a few mapping issues
*Increased the attack power of Tash's 'Mind Arrow' at all levels

1.05 Updates:
*General improvements
*Cleaned up Skill Description informations
*Compressed the file size further down
*The game now includes RTP, so it's straight download and play!

1.04 Updates:
*General improvements
*Cleaned up Kestrel's gun animations (Her guns also appear to be correctly positioned now)
*Fixed a bug which caused 95% to be the 100% side completions. (Previously, you could not achieve 100%, only
95% - This is now fixed)
*Cleaned up most grammar and typo errors. This is what this release mainly focuses on.

1.03 Updates:
*General improvements
*Fixed a glitch which caused the 'Coke Dream' to not be able to be completed

1.02 Updates:
*General improvements
*More monster adjustments
*Made it so that Kobolds are stunned for longer with the Throwing Star
*Scrapped the boulder puzzle minigame
*Fixed a glitch which causes you to delevel from reading a sign in Applon Forst
*Fixed a glitch where you can skip some of the storyline
*Fixed the triple Special Book Glitch
*Removed Beach Pebbles as items you find in the game (They have no significance or contribution)
*Boosted Cindy's Skills so they have increased damage with less variance + same for Tash's Mind Arrow
*Healing Lights are now unlimited!
*Arc's Defense has now been reduced, but both Thron Blow and Grass are much more powerful now
*Herbal Disaster now requires level 4 Grass and Thorn Blow (Previously, required Level 5)
*Adjusted character base stats for more of a balance

1.01 Updates:
*General improvements
*Exp Rate of a few monsters has increased
*Encounter Rate decreased in some areas
*Tash's base HP has increased
*Money rate has increased on all monsters
*Phreeoni's quake damage has been reduced
*Garm's Freeze damage has been reduced
*Falk's blade and Nya's claws have become faster

Known Bugs:
*There are a few random occurrences where you can walk through tiles which are normally impassable. This is not
really a major issue, just a graphical bug.
*If you use the Zippo just before a scene begins (i.e when you're not supposed to be using it), you will be able to
walk through walls in some instances. So don't do it. Please.
*There is a graphical bug where which the weapon icons appear on the top left of the screen briefly when battle begins.

-There are no known game crashing bugs.

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