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Let's Play, Lunar Wish III


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Hi again.
I watched all the videos and you made an incredible amount of valid points. Also, thank you for checking my map errors, I'll fix them hopefully soon...
I fear that my game doesn't have good strategies in place concerning mobs and boss battles, (although a few boss battles later on have funny gimmicks), so it may not be exactly to your taste - I mean, you really seem to be an expert at these kind of RPG games (it's as if you've seen it all). Me, well I haven't really played many RPGs - my main inspiration is Pokemon (lol), as it has the most casual approach on RPGs that I know of, which is why I really wanted to base the difficulty off of that. (I find that game really easy, but also extremely fun, because it's easy :P).
But yeah... I agree that my weak point are the battles >.<
I also noticed that my game is quite event and scene heavy. There are quite a few annoying instances such as the entire coke saga and the soon to be, Arrowseye Saga, where some of which I regret putting in... I should have focused more on gameplay besides using the scene after scene formula. I shall defo correct it in my next game.
Also, I noticed that you aren't too big of a fan of the humor used in my game, such as the well umm... deaths. I ADMIT, my game is different and runs away from the seriousness at what SHOULD be sad, but I guess I look at things of a perspective that's too distorted from other people's views (which surprisingly enough, I can't help, so my apologies for ALLLL the NPCs and events that occur later in game if you decide to continue).
Next, I remember you in one of the earlier videos thinking that it cost 5 skill points to raise Cindy's shock spell or something, but all skills actually cost 2 Skill Points (I may be wrong in thinking your thought this). I think you realised that later though anyway, but I thought I'd point it out for the sake of it.
Again, thank you for pointing out the mistakes and mapping glitches. I fixed them straight after you mention them (except for the overlay maps). I'm glad you enjoyed some of it :P

I'm probably gonna finish the game in a few more days.
The battles have been pretty fun so far. Don't be scared to have several fights with gimmicks, as long as they're fair. The good thing about gimmicks is that it's an easy way to make sure the player doesn't spam the same rotation for every fight. This is one of my main issues with the 2013 chain game.
Thank you for your advice~
(Also, I think there's a gap missing between the LP of videos 9 and 10)
Thank you for your advice~
(Also, I think there's a gap missing between the LP of videos 9 and 10)
Oh crap. I remember getting some type of error while editing the videos. I didn't know it was that bad.
Welp, there weren't any important things that happen in those 15 or so minutes lost to the ether. Sorry bout that. ;_;
That's okay :P
Oh yes, I forgot to ask; how do you cut the size in animation files? I already used a PNG optimizer on all the picture files, but perhaps there's a way to further decrease them in file size. I admit, they do take up quite a bit of space.
Basically, you're turning the files into jpegs, and removing the black borders with rpg maker's import system. This tutorial works wonders for me, but no one ever commented, saying that it was useful. So I don't know if this will help or not.
I hadn't thought of converting the animations to JPEGs. I have now and well... It cut it down by over 60% in size. It also looks as though, there was no quality loss at all!
I didn't do the other stuff though, but converting the PNGs alone, did a lot already!
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