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A great work of inspiration!

  • Xemeth
  • 07/06/2013 11:26 AM
Hype Level

Whenever I play a game I tend to look through the forums to see what kind of game am I getting myself Into. What I saw was more then I was expecting. I saw a creator who took the time to respond, and listen to the people, making changes by popular demand, and nothing gets me more hyped up then a game that was created by gamers. For gamers

(5/5) I need to play this game!

Main story

The beginning was slow starting as should be ( no reason to launch me into the fray!) We start with a young lad named Falk who Is obsess about being a hero. Throughout the beginning you're guided on the different systems of the game, and humorous dialog. As the game progresses it seems to lack seriousness... Almost every cut-scene has to be filled with slap-shot comedy, and that tends to get bothersome. The fourth wall has been breached more then enough times. That takes away a bit of the story's sentiment, so with that I give the main plot...

(3.5/5) Slightly above average

The Characters

I was Impressed at the variety between characters by personality, and skill traits. In your head you always end up making certain tactics on who you would pick to be in your team, but with this game it confused me which is a good thing. You get a suspicion on who joins your team, but your never sure who really joins your team. This leads to aspiration on who will grace you with their presence. The Fact that there's guest characters means that the window of party members that will potentially join you keeps you guessing. The slight class balancing issue does do no justice to this game, but for characters I give this...

(4.5/5) Who will join me next!?


This Flawless map designs brings a tear in my eye. The music that joins with it Is simply inspiring. The maps has clever designs with obstacles, and secrets along side with hidden items, and non hidden Items. Don't get me wrong there is a few flaws to come with my tears of joy. The music is mostly based off of great titles. It distracts you with a guessing game of sorts. Heck that should be a mini-game in itself. Its hard when you go from one map and hear Tales of Vesperia, to Final fantasy 5. I give the map design...

(4/5) What will I discover next!?


Its a combat system that we are all familiar with. Your basic select your move type of deal, but! The perfect balance of elements/Status effects leaves a lot of strategy to be involved! Going back to what I said though. The class imbalance can leave you defenseless, and with no offense,but that's mostly early on. The lack of a Weakness providing skill will give you a challenge. On some maps the encounter rate are quick, and other maps are slow. Giving you a hard time to grind, and level up. Combat would have to rank about...

(3/5) I-I can win... right guys?

Boss battles

Boss battles were quite challenging early on. Then with level, and progression they become a joke, a poorly executed no punchline joke. I find myself with more of a challenge facing regular monsters, then bosses. There's poor execution as to why you fight them, and makes you feel like there's no point, because your just going to defeat them In a few turns. So for boss battles I give this a...

(2.5/5) Just get out of my way...

Side quest

To be quite honest. Side quest are a bonus to RPGs everywhere. It gives you the drive, and determination to make your characters the best! The side quests In this game were a welcomed distraction to the main story. They were fun, quirky, and best of all meaningful to your needs. Side quest in this game are...

(4.5/5) You can count on us!

The humor

That's right I'm evaluating this. The reason why? There's just so much of it!
This game makes you laugh whether it because of a good joke, or a really bad one.
The in life references makes you downright giggle, just because you weren't expecting it. For the amount of times I laughed I give this a...

(5/5) N-n-no please stop I can't take it anymore! xD


The puzzles were challenging, and extremely fun. Your mind will be blown as you progress in the game. Some puzzles will make you feel like you just lost most of your I.Q. Well executed puzzles can make a healthy break point in a dungeon, and on a quest. Puzzles in this game are worth...

(4.5/5) I just need to move this here...


The story was quite interesting, but I consider this game to be more of a comedy game then an actual RPG. Simply because there's more jokes then plot in this game
The combat was traditional. The characters are memorable, and the music makes you re-live your RPG adventures. The replay value is greatly implemented. You could play this over and over again. The combat could improve a bit, and the boss presentation needs work. 12 hours is not the minimum. (believe me) This game is a good...

(4/5) Aside from a few flaws This game gives you a true RPG feel.

I had a great time playing!


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Thank you Xemeth for the great review!
I'm thankful that I split the game between Orbs of Fate and The Rebellion, purely because I now have amazing feedback from reviews such as this one: I can make the changes to make the gameplay experience better in TR.
It was one of my missions to make the game work as both a comedy and RPG to not only make the player look forward to what's next in the storyline, but also more comedic elements integrated within them - I guess, this didn't work out as planned where the storyline may seem to be completely shadowed over. I'm probably going to up the seriousness and focus a huge lot on the storyline in TR now, while not completely ditching the comedy.
And combat; admittedly, that was one of my weak points. There are a few good grinding locations, which if used, makes the future bosses quite easy or hard if not used. I'm going to work harder on this~
Again, thank you for the review!
No problem.

You have a great talent for RPG making. If it wasn't for the fact RPG Maker vx ace was very limited on the things you can do to your game. I could see all the possibilities. Now I noticed that in the demo your battle screen looked a lot better then in the actual release of the game. Is there a reason for this in particular?

I'm not saying your jokes aren't funny, but a lot of the joke come from reality which can ruin the immersion of the game, and how well you can relate/adapt to a character.

As for the boss battles its not the difficulty of the boss I disliked. Its the presentation. There's no suspense or reasoning as to why your fighting. My best example of this is. Applon vs mt lemele (not sure if that's the correct name)
In Applon's boss fight we knew about the creature beforehand. We knew the dangers of that cave. We had a feeling we would run into it. The suspense was there. While mt lemele you change maps,and the cutscene was filled with more comedy, and even Saber is saying that the party is distracted. no suspense just laughs and giggles.It continues to be like this for a huge majority of the game.

I know you're Going to do a great job on TR. All you have to do is look back at some minor mistakes, and you'll make another featured game I mean it.
I generally don't think much of VX games (munchkin party members, and generic ugly facesets, to say nothing of the generic ugly battle system), but this works. Why? Because they fixed all this, and made it into a game that was actually cute. Item collection is also fairly common, and intuitive. The characterization was also very good. And the battles are fun!

That said, I'd cut the intro until later, and instead have it as a flashback told in pieces, or however. The story works much better if you start the story with the two main characters. I wandered off in attention when I couldn't find a link between the prologue and the characters, making it require two playthroughs (the second by skipping the intro) to actually see why this was a Featured Game.
To be honest I sort of liked how arbitrary the bosses were sometimes; and, really, how random lots of the plot was. Something about then just worked, probably because of how funny they tended to be.
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