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A Interesting Twist on a Classic Style

Lunar Wish:Orbs of Fate is an interesting twist on a classic style of RPG Maker games and it does so with finesse. Lunar Wish:Orbs of Fate gives a full 12+ Hours of game play and it certainly was worth the time. I'll be running through the general areas of the game.


Lunar Wish:Orbs of Fate focuses the story around 4 magical orbs which hold sources of power. The story goes about in trying to safeguard the orbs and obtaining them for usage. The game introduces a huge number of characters in which each of them play a part in the story. The game may come of as messy to some with so many characters fighting for screen time but LusterMX has done a wonderful job handling each one.


Mapping was done pretty well with many custom tilesets being used to create the environment. Each tileset being similar in theme but still refreshingly different from one another. Shades and Effects were well used to add to the atmosphere and soundtrack chosen for each location was executed well.


The soundtracks chosen for this game were rather interesting. Using unique tunes to match the location. Despite that, the soundtracks chosen worked well with the custom tilesets used and added an additional flair to the game. The soundtrack was rather mixed in terms of genre, some tracks with more synthesizer and some tracks having a gentle style.


The Battle System was rather enjoyable, the side-screen battle system clearly was from a script but was heavily modified till the point of almost not being recognizable. Animations were all custom made as LusterMX said and were all executed well. Difficulty of battles were manageable allowing beginners to elite players to enjoy the game. However, there being many characters, beginners may be intimidated with managing so many party members.


For me, this is where the biggest hit and miss came in. Several characters such as Cindy, Falk, Fate were all done very well with their personality and background coming forth through their persona. The interaction that the characters have I feel is one of the best part of the game with a mixture of playful banter and seriousness at the same time. That being said, there is too many characters and many characters fail to shine through and don't have much significance in the story. Their backstory is unknown and there is little to no development of their character. Some examples include, Krestrel, Arc, Lady Venna, Saber, Myst, Kross. I understand characters like Kross had little screen time and is understandable. However, the others have little to no backstory and there persona is rather shallow. Krestrel adds to humour but nothing more than that. Lady Venna is this mysterious lady who is an angel as well while Arc, well we don't know much about him except he like Krestrel. Some characters have little background and depth in their character until near the end as well such as Nya. You get the point. This is where I find the biggest miss also came in this game.


Overall this game is worth downloading and sitting down to play. You will feel that the time spent in this game is well spent and the game ends with a cliff-hanger as well. I am eagerly waiting Lunar Wish: The Rebellion to come out and this game is a job well done by LusterMX. If you are looking for a game that is rather light-hearted and nothing to hard, this game is for you!

-Review By Hopyoprop