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A game with lots of Combat & Comedy!

Hello players!
I have to tell you that the last time I checked this game I WAS WRONG! Yes, because Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate is a game I believed lost forever (the link here is outdated and goes nowhere), instead it is still available on IndieDB, ModDB and Gamejolt despite what I wrote in the past. I made this error three year ago, when I reviewed A MidHorror Night, another game by the same developer, Lustermx, so update your bookmarks, or even better download and archive this game and get ready, because this is the beginning of great adventure!

In fact, unlike A MidHorror Night that lasts just one hour, Lunar Wish is a game that takes hours to be completed, I do not remember exactly how many but surely it was about 11-12 hours (yes yes, more than ten!), all of adventures in a fantasy world. Now, let's give a look to the plot of the game.

Oh, this seems a handy power indeed! But not unexpected, this is a fantasy game!

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate is, unsurprisingly, a game about the four magical orbs which hold sources of great power on the world of Serathium: one red, one purple one green and one blue. The adventure itself starts with Falk, a boy that is a student at the Applon Academy n the Isle (the place where three of the four orbs are located) but dreams to be an adventurer and a hero, hears a malevolent voice informing him that someone closed to him is going to disappear. But Falck is only one of the many characters we'll have the opportunity to play here, there is also Fate the Angel, Tash the Archer, Cindy the Mage, Nye the Civet, Arc the Knight, and others like Saber, Myst, etc... I was quite impressive because despite the party size has only four slots this game involves many playable characters. And the npcs? Lots of them, of course! But how is the game?

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate is a classic party-based rpg with exploration of maps filled with dangers and secrets, battles, puzzles and also optional sidequests and hidden loot. The main plot is about trying to safeguard the magical orbs and obtaining them for usage, but this does not mean that our adventurers cannot spend their time looking for for missinc children and battling monsters.

Wait. Are we really going to fight someone called MAFIA? Like the criminal organization?

The battle system uses a classical side view turn base battle screen, at first pretty simple but still enjoyable. Boss battles instead require some strategy to win, and the clever use of some skills like for example Paralyze and Burn. Now, the various characters can obtain these skills by spending points in their skill trees, the selection system is a bit clunky, still I liked the idea (even if new players may be overwhelmed by so many characters to manage). And if despite this you fail and are defeated in battle? Well, do not worry, the game is generous and will let you retry from the beginning.

Visually the game uses Kaduki artworks for battlers, facesets and charsets, there are animated battlers and enemies, mapping is very good and there is the use of custom tilesets, making the different environments varied and detailed. The interface is maybe a bit bare bones, but I do not mind simplicity. The soundtrack also enhances the atmosphere of the game, and itìs pretty good.

Now the story and characters... well, I'll probably surprise you but this Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate isn't a classic fantasy adventure but rather a fantasy comedy: there is in fact a lot of humor, jokes (like Falk commenting the game tutorial!), and party banter, really, and aspect that I admit surprised me. So if you want a serious game, this is not the game for you, also mind that there are a lot of characters and for this reason not everyone has a lot of background or depth. A final note, this is a complete game but the ending is open and hints to a sequel, Lunar Wish: The Rebellion.

Not just battles and explorations, but also puzzles will entertain whose who play this game!!

Final Verdict
In Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate you will find exploration, balanced battles and challenging puzzles, it's a lighthearted fun adventure with an enjoyable gameplay. Ok, if you get tired of The fourth wall breaking and silly comedy this is not the game for you, but it's still a solid adventure with good mapping and challenges that can become addicting once you spend some time solving puzzles and hunting for sidequest. Ok, this is nothing new, still it's done competently to offer a lot of content and playtime. Only gripes are the skill tree interface (that could have been better) and the cliffhanger ending, in any case I can recommend this game!