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Temporary DL Link: http://www.box.net/shared/p5aql63tux98t5vhmss7

Dungeon Adventure is a game I made for the RMXP.org Dungeon Creation Contest.

It stars three heroes, Lisa, Lunas, and Fentin who are swept into a game that is more real than they had imagined. Culminating in the destruction of all evil, they will use their strengths and creativity to traverse a dungeon.

This game features an Action Battle System (Legend of Zelda/Secret of Mana styled) and a three character system where you can swap control of characters as you wish and use their different abilities to solve various puzzles and avoid traps.

Lisa is a typical swordswoman and has the ability to Dash for a short period of time to avoid traps or enemy attacks.

Lunas is a whip-wielding know-it-all who can attack from two squares away to avoid damage and trigger switches.

Fentin is a magic using wimp who for some reason excels at jumping. He can detect hidden magic devices and dispatch foes from a distance with his spells.

There is an in-game tutorial explaining the specifics of how to use these abilities and when they might come in handy. However, below is the control scheme:

Enter/Space: Talk to NPCs or interact with the environment.
Shift: Attack
A S and D: Ability hotkeys. You can set them in the Skills menu and use the appropriate key on the map to cast a spell or use an ability.
Q: Switch between characters
ESC: Menu and Cancel (can be used to cancel switching characters)

This Game Requires the RMXP RTP



Dubealex (AMS)
Near Fantastica (View Range)
Sandgolem (Anti-Event Lag)
RMXP.net (SDK)

Kaeru-Sama (Portraits)
Despain (Animations/Title)
Ragnarok Online (Icons)
Nintendo (Coins)

Astral Craft (satoc)

-Special Thanks-


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I could barely see the "Adventure". Dark blue font on a black background? Not a good pairing =\
But on the bright side, it's a badass name if you don't see it.
I added a download link in the description as a temporary until the link gets approval.
ARPG. Got stuck in the second dungeon. Nothing happens when i get to the room with the large pool and pipes so I have no idea where else to go. And I also found out how annoying it is to have enemies with unavoidable stuns in an ARPG, its like secret of mana all over again.
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