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Current Version: Final (RELEASED - 3/4/13)(UPDATED Version - 1/31/14)

Estimated Play Time – 40 hours

The final list of major changes are detailed below:

-All animations have been finalized.
-Bestiary has been added.
-Player accuracy has been increased significantly.
-The psychic/fortune teller of Rhemhage will now tell your fortune to help you locate the next region.
-Issues involving "Honesty" meter has been fixed.
-All regions are complete.
-Warp tiles that don't take you to a region play a faster animation.
-Quests for Legendary Weapons, Accessories and Relic Techniques have been added.
-Arena has been finished.
-Town Rebuilding Quest has been added.
-All monsters have been implemented in breeding.
-Some skill effects have been adjusted.
-Some monster stats and EXP/Gold rate have been increased. In addition, most monster material drop rates increased.
-Achievements have been added.
-Ability list for all characters have been altered slightly.
-Graphical glitches have been fixed.
-Many spelling mistakes/eventing issues have been fixed.

The Update on 3/30/13 fixed all of the following:

1. The Treasure Game has no lag at all anymore. As such, the time given to complete the task has been reduced to 25 seconds. It plays much smoother now.
2. In Erdrich Forest, the correct path of west, west, south, east, north did not work the first time. In the new version, the path will work right away. (In the old one, you had to go any direction one time and then the path would work)
3. I reduced the HP of certain monsters in Erdrich, Rhemhage, Quevi, Yu'Tolio, and Persiva regions.
4. Lowered the MP Cost of Aldain's Frizz to 1 and Frizz is now learned at level 3.
5. Drop rate on certain monster materials have increased.
6. It is now possible to purchase an Emerald Ring (prevents silence) and Iron Cuirass before facing the boss of the Quevi region.
7. Some enemies now drop more gold.
8. The password in the pyramid has been changed so that it fits 100% on the screen.
9. A npc has been added that mentions what you should do in Yardrick.
10. The requirements on getting the Rhemhage Mayor to acknowledge your help and let you recruit Oruba have been lowered.
11. The weapon, Trident, poisoned enemies. It wasn't supposed to, so this has been removed. Now the high end spears (Slender and Holy Lance) now have additional effects on them.
12. It is now easier to find the battle with the dragon for the legendary quest for Ragnarok.
13. If you die to Kingsquid, your game is not messed up. Now it doesn't.
14. Aqua Rings reduced ice damage by mistake. It now reduces water damage.
15. There was a glitch involving Cardial Cove in past time when you re-enter it for a third time. All issues have been solved.
16. An issue involving warp locations you've reached if you open a current file then start a new game has been fixed.
17. It is no longer possible to re-fight the boss of Bariden.
18. Wicked Wizards in the legendary quest for Tuspimati have been weakened slightly.
19. Issues revolving around revisiting Cardial Cove have been solved.
20. The Queen not recognizing one tinymedal (from the House of the Legendary) has been fixed. An extra tinymedal has been removed.
21. Issues involving NPCs mistakenly calling the hero "Aldain" even if you named him something else have been solved.
22. The breeding combination "WATER + Taileater" now results in the correct monster.
23. The "Last Rite" Trial is now slightly easier to complete.
24. Aldain now learns "Taunt" at level 20. To coincide with this change, "Aggravate" has been strengthened and does damage.
25. Woman in Wyuto now awards the correct number of honesty/dishonesty points.
26. The abilities "True Will", "Empower", and "EerieLite" now function as intended.
27. The effects of the abilities "Drain Dance", "Magic Dance", and "Thor's Blade" have been strengthened.
28. All elemental slashes now cost 3 MP instead of 8.
29. The following abilities cost less MP: MouthShut, Numboff, Drain HP, Drain MP.
30. Fixed an issue with the battle background in Cardial Region.
31. Slowdown (on some machines) in Onyu (present time) has been fixed.*
32. Notorious Monsters (NMs) have been added to every region.* *

*Players who had the original final version and made it to Onyu will need to re-enter Onyu two times.
**Notorious Monsters appear as random encounters and will be a differently named monster that drops a rare piece of equipment (in most cases) and rare monster material. One of the drops will have a 100% chance and the other drop range from a 10% to 33% chance. There is a notorious monster for every region (in past time only).

Final Patch (1/31/14):

Many players were looking for a larger post-game, like many Dragon Quest games offer, and this patch aims to add that extra challenge for players!

The patch notes are pretty comprehensive. The details are either in the PDF file here or in the spoiler tags below.

Story Related:

- The final dungeons, “Temple of Earth”, “Temple of Flame”, “Temple of Water”, “Temple of Wind”, and “Saint’s Harbour” have been added. These story-related dungeons are only accessible after clearing the main game and are meant to be a challenge for the player.
- The post game scenario begins by entering your house after the game's conclusion.

Gameplay Related:

- The max level has been raised to 60.*
- In battle, status changes on characters now cycle through if you have more than 2 buffs/debuffs cast on you.
- Poison no longer lasts the entire battle.
- Many monster stats (representative of their dropped gene) have increased. Monsters that were deemed too weak for effort obtained or too weak at all have had all stats increased.**
- You can now change equipment in battle by pressing the “A” key on a character’s turn.
- A new Olian specific trial, “Runic Ward”, has been added to the Dharma Temple.
- The HP of many bosses has been lowered.
- In accordance with the above change, many bosses’ stats have been increased.
- Monsters in Esrarch, Yuria and Onyu now grant higher EXP points.
- Each arena level now has a recommended level specified by the class name.
- On the world map, red icons used to be random and mean nothing. Now they blink and indicate a shard left to find.

Item Related:

- A new category of weapons, “Monster Claws”, have been added.
- It is possible to see a better comparison of weapons and armor in the shop window by hitting the shift key.
- Attributes for many weapons and armor have changed. Two-handed weapons, in particular, have become noticeably stronger (to see changes, go to equipment list on main page. Changes are in red).
- Text help for items now scroll if the description was too long. In accordance with this change, weapon and armor descriptions now display more information to the user.
- Drop rates on most items have increased. A select few have decreased.
- Most enemies drop more gold.
- New post game equipment has been added. In accordance with this, new monster ingredients and recipes have been added.
- Price of torches has been reduced from 400 gold to 220.
- Drop rates on most Notorious Monster’s second item has increased to be no lower than 33%

Skill Related:

- All spells are now represented by an icon that depicts spell type and element.
- Text help for spells now scroll if the description was too long.
- All human characters learned several new abilities.
- Two of Aldain’s abilities have changed: “Sizz -> Firewave” and “Rainslash > Fury”.
- The following abilities changed in function/potency: Thordain, Thor’s Blade, Drain Magic, Frizzle, Kasizzle, Kacrackle, Kaboom, Flare, Blizzard, Blood Rite, Oomph, MegaMagic, HighJump, Ramming, Dodge, Sacrifice, Megaslash, Gigaslash, Darkbolt, Absolution, Opposition, Polarity, RockThrow, Evilslash, MPass, Mysticism, Absolute Zero, Thunder Roar.
- Added a spell, “Teleport”, that takes you make to the Great Shrine regardless of location.
- The following abilities now learned at different levels on Olian: Return Will, Detox, Envision, True Will, Purge.
- Missing spells because you have an old version has been addressed with the “Skillset” items available in the Great Shrine if your file is deemed an old version.*
- The “Oomph” spell is now just as strong as TwinHits.

Other Changes:

- The sprites for the main heroes (and a few other NPCs) have changed.
- A new item, “Repellant”, and a new spell, “Repel”, was added to prevent monster encounters.
- The achievement “The Ultimate Mage”, that required you to attain an essence of MegaMagic is no longer an achievement. Instead, the achievement is “The Ultimate Hunter” which requires you to defeat every notorious monster. This was done so that it is possible to get all achievements on any playthrough.
- A NPC very early in the game was added to make mention of the “Who Needs the Church!?” achievement.
- It is now harder to obtain Teal and Violet Medals. In addition, Metalys and Metabbles now run away at a higher frequency.
- The monster, Dragos, now joins at level 8.
- The brightness of tiles in the arena (present time) / treasure game have been lowered.
- Doors opened by the thief’s key / master’s key are now color coded. The only exception is that the prison doors in Castle Persivor (opened by master’s key) are still gray.
- Certain NPC dialogue in the present has changed to make it less ambiguous on who may want to go to Onyu.
- The dialogue for Melody joining your party has changed.
- Some tracks have been changed to create more musical consistency.
- Messages for some states have been changed to be less ambigious.
- The evasion parameter for all enemies has been lowered.
- The trainer who offers up her Slime to breed with you has been moved from Yu’Tolio to Present Time Quevi.
- It is easier to encounter the following monsters: Facetree, Grakos, Kingslime, Aiatar* and IceGiant*. Aiatar and IceGiant are only more common on the lowest level of the dungeon that they can be found.
- The secondary drop of Facetree and Kingslime have changed.
- A NPC has been added that mentions the optional treasure in Esrarch Tower.
- The Dracky NPCs in the Wisdom Trial are now ghost NPCs that don’t move.
- Any discrepancies involving the Monster Library have been fixed.
- A new NPC that sells monster essences has been added to the Abandoned Caves in present Esrarch (This NPC sells a possible six genes to you and can be encountered infinite amount of times)
- The music “Cardial in Crisis” no longer plays during battle for the Cardial Region at a certain point.
- The portals that take you back to the entrance in the Lyndbaum Mountain Range are now colored green, whereas correct portals are color coded blue. The portal maze remains unchanged.
- The “Safestep” spell now alerts you when it has worn off.
- The Achievement “Mystic Talent” now only requires you to complete 8 trials instead of the possible 10.
- The Achievement “I Cannot Live a Lie” is more lenient. You can now have one point in the wrong area respectively and still earn the achievement.
- The NPC innkeeper that is interested in moving on Onyu now has dialogue to make it more obvious.
- The following legendary monster accessories have changed in name: “Rosevine’s Grasp” -> “Rose Grip”, “Demon’s Volition” -> “Volivoir”, “The Eternal” -> “Agonizer”.
- The game’s font “Press Start 2P” should automatically display without having to install the font.

Bug Fixes:

- The window for spells learned has been resized when you level up – making sure that no spell’s name is cut off.
- A fix for missing Melody’s spells has been implemented. Now, she will have her full spell list regardless of what level perform the arcanist class change.
- The lag on some machines in the escape scene for Mount Wyubori has been alleviated. (It is still possible that some lag exists though).
- In the battle against Angsti, an additional check is performed to ensure Absolute Zero only goes off if the required conditions are met.
- Torch light is now always centered on the screen. In the old version, various locations would cause the torch light to go off center.
- Being able to solve the ice block puzzle in the Room of Rites in two steps has been fixed.
- Door leading to great shrine doesn’t reset to being closed anymore.
- The portal in Wyubori Volcano plays the intended shorter animation.
- Hopefully all issues where the hero is called “Aldain” regardless of your name have been fixed.
- It was impossible to clear the achievement “This is Yardrick (Past)!!!” if you cleared the present arena first. This has been fixed.
- When crossing a certain area in the shrine, Aldain’s graphic would reset to default regardless of costume. This has been fixed.
- Many NPCs incorrectly referred to the Phoenix as Pheonix.
- Issues with final battle 1 and 3 as a result of failing the battle / the timing in which you killed certain bosses / and re-challenging the boss fight upon game completion have been fixed. The issues involved certain bosses being locked into a set attack phase and the final boss being harder than he should be if you cleared the game.
- In the battle with Gripevine, his “burrowed” form caused him to be weaker. This has been corrected.
- You can now sell to the weapons/armor vendors in Onyu (Present Time).
- Various typos have been fixed.
- It is no longer possible to fight Deathtrap and Killjoy Slime before clearing Quevi.

If You Are Playing an Old File (Notice):

*If you are playing from an old version file:*

Even though the level cap has raised to 60, your level will stay at 50. In addition, any skills learned from the new version will not be learned naturally as you level.

However, you can still “level” past 50 and gain all the skills you missed! For files registered as old, several new NPC’s have been added in the Great Shrine. Head the where the saint’s plaque was located to find the ghosts of your past heroes. NOTE: Olian will only appear if you managed to recruit him. Also, when you clear the game, a monster ghost will appear that will grant an exclusive armor called monster mastery to replicate the effect of leveling from 50-60.

Leveling Up:
Each ghost will present you with a log item (Hero’s Log, Mage’s Log, Maiden’s Log, Cleric’s Log). When you use the item, it will perform a level check on how much experience is needed to reach level 51. When you hit the required experience, using the item will play the level up sound, display your stat changes and permanently increase your stats. The stat gains are exactly the same as if you had played the new version normally. Next time you use the item, it compares your EXP to level 52 and continues all the way to level 60. Note: If you gained a lot of excess experience past 50 on your old file, you may/will need to use the item multiple times to gain all of your hard-earned level ups!

Acquiring Missing Skills:
Each ghost will present you with a skillset item (Hero’s Skillset, Mage’s Skillset, Maiden’s Skillset, and Cleric’s Skillset). Using the item will replace your old skills with the new ones (Maiden’s Skillset also works if your old file caused Melody to be missing some arcanist spells). The game won’t inform you of changes, so check the charts below to see when you should use the item (it has unlimited use).

To see information on past versions, please click the link below.

Version 2.0

Estimated Play Time – 20 hours
Estimated Overall Progress: 55%

Version 2.0 sees several improvements, additions and adjustments from version 1.5! Here is a list of changes from the previous version.

- Three new regions: Illae, Esrarch and Onyu have been added.
- Monster Breeding is now available.
- Tons of new sidequests were added.
- Based on the answers to the questions at the beginning of the game, Aldain now starts with a special skill.
- Drop rates on monster materials have increased.
- Heal is no longer "holy" based.
- The process for getting information to get through Erdrich Forest has changed.*
- Expansion of Arena.
- Arena no longer only revives Aldain upon defeat.
- Arena victory music is fixed.
- Changed Olian's sprite.
- Changed Aldain's sprite from the side.
- RobMagic now steals enemy's MP instead of just decreasing it.
- Sap and Slow now work with much higher accuracy.
- Removed the "!" warping you to Cardial (was present in version 1.5).
- Exit Bells no longer stop working after the Cardial Region.
- EXP earned from monsters in Rhemhage, Cardial, Yardrick, and Bariden has increased.
- It is no longer possible to get stuck if you die in Sea Devil's Lair before facing the Sea Devil.
- Several actions have been adjusted - in accordance with this change, the stats of certain enemies and bosses have been changed.

Version 1.5

Estimated Play Time – 10 hours
Estimated Overall Progress: 40%

- Two new regions, Yardrick and Bariden, have been added.
- Arena and Treasure Chest game have been added.
- Icons for items and equipment have been added.
- Alchemy is introduced.
- New sidequests.
- Adjustments to enemy EXP and gold.
- Music now loops correctly.
- Warp Wings and Exit Bells now work as intended. It is no longer possible to
lose an item by using it in the wrong place.
- Some animations have been changed.
- Design of certain interior areas have been changed.
- A fully functional game over system has been added.
- The menu system is now working 100% correctly.
- You now can actually name your monsters.
- Poison no longer damages you with every 1 step you take. It now takes
15 steps on the map to recieve 1 point of damage.
- The graphics for inland water has been changed.
- Basilisk battle has been adjusted.
- It is no longer possible to get stuck in Poison Marsh Cave.
- Various graphical fixes and improvements have been made.
- Fixed grammatical errors.

I probably have forgotten a few things I changed, but that should encompass most of it. :)

- Most battle animations are RTP default.
- Outland water has a black border that might could look better.

Version 1.2

Estimated Play Time – 4 hours
Estimated Overall Progress: 20%

Contained the first three regions: Erdrich, Rhemhage and Cardial.

- Menu System errors.
- Issue involving the display of hero names.
- No battle animations have been created at this point, so all animations are RTP default.
- The song for "Cardial in Crisis" can become too repetitive.
- Music does not loop.
- Graphical glitches in the Shard room.
- Concerns about grinding.
- Concerns about intro cutscene.
- Incorrect information given by NPC at the Breeding Center in the demo.