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In Legacy of the Lost, there are three main characters. This is not to say that your team will be comprised of only three people, but it is to say that the remaining members of your team will consist of monsters. Monsters and Breeding System information can be found in the Monster Breeding section.

Character Name: Aldain
Age: 18
Job Class: Hero
The Hero is formidable in both might and magic. Holy blood runs through his veins and he is an essential part of any team. The Hero also has the most well-rounded stat growth in the game, and while not too hard to train in early levels, requires a lot of experience points as he grows in level. The Hero can be equipped with most weapons and armor.

Aldain lives in the land of Erdrich, not far from the castle. He lives with his mother, Sarah, who has recently come down with a terrible sickness. He is willing to put his life on the line to find a way to save her.

Name: Oruba Stacain
Age: 53
Job Class: Mage
The Mage is formidable in attack magic. Mages excel in devastating their enemies with powerful magic. They can even fall back upon various support spells to aid in battle. This learned mage has a low attack, defense and agility rating but excels in intelligence. The Mage takes a fair amount of time to level. The Mage can use whips and staves and be equipped with small shields and lightweight armor.

Oruba was born in Rhemhage Village, older brother to the current mayor. He resents his brother for everything he stands for. His brother took over the village when his parents suddenly died. Blaming their death on his brother by bearing witness to the crime, Oruba has turned his back on his brother. When evil threatens his hometown, though, he is all too eager to defend it, as long as it wasn't a request by the mayor.

Name: Melody
Age: 24
Job Class: Maiden
The Maiden is a supplemental character who aids her allies by using detrimental magic on the enemy and raising one's own stats. However, her spell list is limited. She has a high amount of strength and agility, but defense and intellect lack slightly. She levels fairly quickly. She can be equipped with a wide array of heavy weaponry and can wear lightweight armor.

Melody is the upbeat daughter of Yardrick Village's mayor. She met a tragic end at the hands of the basilisk, a devastating beast borne of black magic. By purging the land of this foul beast, you lift the petrification and in her gratitude and eagerness to leave home, she offers to join you on your quest. She had studied to become a priest before leaving. Not much else about her past is known...