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Below are two guides for Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost. The first guide is the "Walkthough". The official walkthough is a comprehensive guide that goes through just about everything in the game. If it is not in the Offical Walkthrough, it'll be in the next guide!

The second guide is the "Unknowns and Extras" guide and it helps you locate all of the "missables" and has other helpful guides. So far it reveals the secrets of the introduction questionnaire, helps you locate all tinymedals, goes through the achievement system, reveals all recruitable monsters, lists all breeding combinations, skill essences and alchemy recipes, and gives complete human hero profiles. Depending on your play style, this guide would be a major spoiler!

I've also started my video guides section! If players struggle with a certain area where a text walkthrough might not me enough, I will try and upload a video guide to help out. So far, the only video guide is for the Treasure Chest game in Yardrick present time.


Treasure Chest Game

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Persivor Prison Guide


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The "Walkthrough" has been updated up to the beginning of the Bariden Region. However, I've also included boss strategies for all bosses up to the boss of the Onyu Region.

If you are stuck at a boss or at a part of the game (until Bariden) I highly encourage you to look here first. I'm still more than happy to answer questions though. :)
Updated this section with a new video guide for the Treasure Chest Game! Had a good many players say they struggled with the mini-game, and I wanted to show that it is possible to beat and hopefully help players master the mini-game!
Updated the "Official Walkthrough" to the conclusion of the Quevi Region. The remaining regions of the walkthrough will be completed when the final patch version comes out which is expected to be 1/31/14.

I've also fully completed the "Unknowns and Extras" FAQ. This guide covers all the missables in the game and even provides a relatively spoiler-free guide through the final content that is coming with the last patch. In the hero's section, final stats for level 60 have been added and skill changes are denoted in red.
The Official Walkthrough is now complete! It was quite a task to compile the walkthrough, but it was fun it it's on way, I guess! :)

Hopefully this will be of assistance to all the players who need it and help those who want to get everything in the game!
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