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Welcome to randomness. Have a nice time as you get confused and find sharp objects are not for small children. Contains two ounces of sprite changes and weirdness.
In Mario and Luigi's room in the castle, they hear weird noises from outside. After removing blocks that appeared for no reason, they find out that things have gone crazy! Quickly, they set out to end this madness.
Note: This is for the RMN Summer Games event.
Note 2: This game very untested and stuff, and will need a good handful of new levels to be anywhere near complete. If you ask you can be a tester/ whatever on my team. You must not be on any other team.
Note 3: It is designed for 2 players, so if you make/ edit a level please account for that.

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Game version 0.0.1

Game version 0.0.1 is now/ was pending. Post on this blog or message me for feedback.