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You're an incognito little boy.
You stay in front of a building, surrounded by other kids and bats with baby heads.
You don't know how you had come to this place. So you search hints, but everybody seems to speak to their own. There's also a cave, but it's guarded by a warder.
He lets you pass, if you put out a blaze on a grave in the basement of the house...
A Journey begins, through an obscure place, where everything seems so unreal.

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  • Completed
  • diaeitsch
  • RPG Maker XP
  • RPG
  • 08/23/2011 10:31 AM
  • 01/04/2019 02:12 PM
  • 08/24/2011
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(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Started your game, looks really interesting, am stuck at the fire minigame with the blue jumping tiles (don't worry, I'm really bad at minigames, will retry later). Just wanted to say I was impressed and interested (very scary)!
Thank you for the comment.
Hope you had cleared the game already and it wasn't to hard.
Guess everyone who'll play, is going to die a few times while playing.
But it's possible.^^
Download not working... why didn't you host it here? :/
Guardian of the Description Thread
Gave the game a go. Maybe I'm talking to myself here, but having something akin to a "save state" function would work wonders for this game, as replaying the fire-dodging mini-games got very annoying very fast.

I probably shouldn't talk about difficulty, though.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
looks interesting :D
despaired that the last comment was so long ago tho...ill try it when i can :D
I liked this! Gameplay wise it was pretty simple, but you nailed the atmosphere. That face....THAT FACE! D:

Those foggy overlays would probably be too much for your average game, but here they work really well. and the music selection is also very good. I also like what the game was building up to and the ending.

The writing was good, but there were quite a few spelling errors. Oh, and...

Dodging the fire from that reaper guy was waaay harder than the final sequence with the parents, which I cleared on my first try. Probably because the latter was more predictable.

Good job on this!
Thanks for your comment, Zeuzio
Nice to see that after more than three years the game still is played. :)
Perhaps you also like what I will release on 1st January next year. ;)

Greetings, Diaeitsch
I can't seem to enjoy this game.
Firstly, I first thought it would explore a more surreal setting of purgatory .. but that changes. It's not too bad story-wise, but it is a real bummer that you don't bring anything more abstract into it, but so be it. (+ all those spelling mistakes, please do check! There were quite a few awkward phrases as well which are most likely due to translation mistakes)
However, it is a little bit sad that the few direct references are pointed out during the ending sequence. They were supposed to make the game interesting, so let us think about that ourselves.

And secondly, all you do is dodge fire. For fuck's sake, it's 90% of your playtime. There is no fun to be had when you either (reaper) have no way of predicting by where the flames attack other than doing it over and over while memorizing the patterns.
Or when the fire game is simply glitchy (parents) - at least it tells you where flames can move, but I get burned all the time before the new ones even start moving for no reason at all. No flames visible in my space. This happened 10 times or so before I got through.

As a sidenote .. I found the face distracting more than anything else, but hey, that's just me.
Hey Kylaila,
thanks for your comment.
Too bad that you couldn't enjoy the game. I myself played it a few days ago, again. Depending on what you said about the fire dodging, when facing the reaper you're right. This is very difficult and depends on trial & error. The thing about the last scene is strange. Those error didn't occur when I played it, you're the first one who complains about it... I guess in 2014 it is very unlikely, but perhaps it depends on your computer? Did you play in fullscreen mode? On some maps that is not good, due to lags.
As for the grammar I hope that I did better on my upcoming game.
Transition is more than three years old and I think my English improved since I made the game. Well, we'll see about this, soon.^^

Anyway, thanks for your critique.
Alright, well. Nothing to be done then :)

I always play on fullscreen, so that could affect it. May want to try again. Sorry for not responding sooner!
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Thoughts includes spoiler

The parents are complete idiots...just pick the kid up and leave the building!


not worth playing but its short (like less then...30 minutes)
so if you try it your not losing to much.
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