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REQUEST: Beta Test new Combat System

  • Anaryu
  • 01/13/2012 07:02 AM
I'm looking for a little beta-testing help!

I've revised the combat system significantly and am wrapping up the final changes, then I'll be revising the tutorials in the early game, the first revision for beta testing should be ready mid-day this Saturday (14th.)

What I'm looking for is a few brave souls, ideally at least one or two that can record their play so I can do a user test (see how a user reacts to a situation without any direct developer commentary, just what the game itself presents) to try out the new combat system changes.

The focus will mostly be thoughts on the combat changes, overall balance will still be heavily in progress, so more about the flow, controls, and what you liked and didn't like after a series of battles.

If you're interested please reply, I'd be extra interested in hearing from people who played the original combat system and either hated it or liked it.


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I'd be up for this. I could probably record too. If my laptop decides not to be an ass for once at least!
Guardian Angel of the Description Thread
I can't really record, per say, but I'm up for this.
That's two super helpful people so far! : )
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
Which is good because I hear that Solitayre guy has been no help at all.
I liked the original battle system a lot, and I'd be willing to test the new one. Of course, my computer functions at the most minimal level imaginable so I'd never be able to record it :(
I found the original battle system tolerable, but a bit hard to keep up with. Overall, it was new and I liked it. I'd like to offer to test the new system, but I wouldn't be able to record unless you want it in the crappiest form of quality ever.
I'm sending out the links now.

If you can't record that's no problem, don't put too much effort into it if it's not working or is troublesome to get it to work.

Thanks to everyone!
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