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Over already?

  • Coq
  • 09/15/2011 01:12 AM
Being a fan of Sci-Fi/Modern and just starting to use VX myself, I thought I'd go and look up some game of the genre. I thought this one looked promising and tried it, and boy was I satisfied!

The graphics, the gameplay and the overall atmosphere of the game were all amazing.

There was a huge area to explore, most of which wasn't mandatory for the main plot and the mapping was really well done and added nicely to the atmosphere. The graphics themselves were simply amazing, both in and out of combat, especially in that other world called ''Aether''.

The battle system is extremely fast-paced and quite complex, but just enough not to be too complicated while being really strategic and intense. The tutorials for it are also very good.

The characters are really likable and funny, especially the innocent protagonist who is also used as a convenient tool for explaining the world to the audience. The story is also impressive and will keep you on the edge, while keeping a comedic touch.

The sounds and soundtrack were also quite memorable. I actually saved the soundtrack on my Itunes and have been listening to it all day.

The only major drawback of the game is really it's length, I wondered in the beginning why I was leveling up so fast, well it's because I finished the game in less than two hours. I was pretty sad when the credits came along, but it did open the way for a sequel, which I am hoping to see eventually.
All in all, this game was quite depressing because it made me realize how I'd never be able to create such an enjoyable experience myself!

I give it a 4.5, removing points only for the game's length. I could add that leveling up so fast made you learn a bunch of skills you didn't really have time to experience with, but that goes with the length. A similar, longer game would be simply perfect.

(Excuse my English, it is my second language!)


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Guardian of the Description Thread
I finished the game in two hours as well, but I was happy enough with the experience that I had. Then again, knowing that this story isn't done yet is a point of intrigue. It seems that both of us, and, undoubtedly, the game's subscribers, are looking forward to what the future of this game has in store!
All in all, this game was quite depressing because it made me realize how I'd never be able to create such an enjoyable experience myself!

This is not true! It all comes down the basics and focusing on making the game fun.

It's taken me like 5 years of making game after game to get even this far (my list of 'completed' projects is like 12 or 14 games long across nearly every genre) - experience and putting a lot of thought into what you build is the key.

For writing, I suggest planning it out, discussing it with a friend (you'll revise about 50% of it at least with new ideas you alone had, maybe 75% if they spark some more ideas) and then do the same with the dialogue. After about 3-4 rewrites of a conversation you'll have something you can put in an tweak a few more times until you like it.

Experience, practice, and keeping the basic rules in mind is the key, it seems daunting but it's actually really easy!

(The art you need someone good at art though, if I didn't have an artist on my team the face sets and battlers would not be nearly as custom and beautiful.)

EDIT: Oops! Also mean to say thanks for the review!

This is a completed project, but it's also a one-shot to see if the game and mechanics are solid, so we're revising it and continuing, expect to see more content, new characters, and better everything all around.
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
English isn't your native language? You could have fooled me.

Thanks for the review, I just hope we can deliver on everyone's expectations! No pressure, right?
Yeah I am just a beginner at making games and my art is AWFUL. I'm having trouble even making some basic games since I have such difficulties at mapping =P.

Anyway I sure hope you'll continue this project, this is definitely the best experience I've had on a Rpgmaker game. (though I didn't play that many yet, to be honest)
Guardian of the Description Thread
It might be the first thing someone sees of a game, but art alone does not make a game. Although, saying that, having decent visuals from the get-go do seem to bring the page views/subscribers, don't they?

It's times like these that I look at games like this, look at mine, and just feel cursed to be content with mediocrity.

*Trying hard not to be disheartened*
Trust me, I wouldn't be able to make anything on my own... AT ALL... It really helps to have people to work with. I get no where on my own projects. I tend to put my fingers in too many pies, just so I can get stuff done, even if it's not 100% my own.
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