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A long time ago there was a small town called Fiery.
This town was neutral with all the other nations of the world.
There men were mostly hired as mercanaries.

The special thing about Fiery was that it
was the one place in the world were you
could learn the art of the GreatSword.

The two nations of the world Fury and Ratchell
are at peace. Warriors from Fiery have been bodyguards
of the king of Fury for as long as anyone can remember.

Our story begins on the outskirts of Fiery.
Our hero of this tale Shawn is seeking to become
a Bodyguard just like his father used to be
before he retired.

Fiery is under attack!!!! Are you ready to grab your blade
and join Shawn on his adventure???

Latest Blog

New Music Added

I have added new music to the game thanks to this site actually.
The RMN Music Pack has some great songs everyone can use. I would deff check it out.
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  • 08/26/2011 03:29 PM
  • 02/13/2020 12:54 AM
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Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
should be called swordy, from that title screen
Ya your right. Ok I'm changing the game name now! (Ya Right)
Conquest is made from the ashes of one's enemies.
Haha. Earlier I was browsing rpgmaker.net with my 2 year old son on my lap. He started pointing to the Fiery sword image on the frontpage and I clicked it for him. He got mad when he realized there was no Youtube swordfighting video to be found.
Lol kid likes swordfights already!!! You might be in trouble Mr.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
We'll see how this goes.
I am stuck at the part where I have to seal the king. How do I do it? The guy says they will do it while I am fighting, to do it how he taught me (still at the VERY BEGINNING)but I don't know what to do. WHAT DO I DO?
I'm confused at what part you are on. You sure your playing my game?
Anyways if you are at the start of my game you can find a Walkthrough at this link.
Couldnt get past the beginning. Potions heal 100, less than the damage the boss can do in a single attack. I unloaded my limit break and 2 magic attacks on him and he still didnt go down, he does ~150 damage and kills me easily, I'd have to get a lucky crit or something to win this fight.
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