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This is an Action RPG created for the RMN Summer Games competition. As per the requirements of the contest, I had to incorporate a theme of surrealism into the game project I make, so I decided to use a character that I created during my high-school years to make a simple game with spontaneous designs. That is all, now enjoy.


In a universe far, far away, there is a lonely star that lies amiss in space.In that star is the wonderful and mysterious kingdom of Popo Land, where magic happens and people live content, peaceful lives. Every Spring season, the people of Popo Land celebrate the values of love and friendship. This year didn't have that celebration, however.

As of late, the people of Popo Land have been stricken with fear. The monsters of this world, who were as peaceful as the other creatures of Popo Land in spite of such name, have suddenly become hostile, randomly attacking and tormenting the citizens of Popo Land! They aren't alone, either, as some of the strongest, most noble entities in the kingdom have mysteriously adopted cruel, brutish personalities, turning this once peaceful land into world of terror.

Who is to blame for such travesty? Apparently, an outsider, who goes by the name of Nomed, declared war on the kingdom of Popo Land, casting a curse to corrupt the creatures so that everyone will live in eternal grief. At this rate, she is on her way to completely controlling the kingdom, but is all hope lost?

The ruler of Popo Land, King Brohoho, is making an effort to stop Nomed from overthrowing his kingdom. He attempted to find all untainted subjects to seek out the evil witch and destroy her, but everyone was too terrified... All but one at least. A young, curious little slime bubble, named Black Blob, volunteered to assist the king on his mission.

"Don't worry, your majesty!" said Black Blob in a soft, squeaky voice. "I'll go fight Nomed and make everyone happy again!" At first, the king was somewhat reluctant to send such a small, inexperienced child to save an entire kingdom, but this blob was the only one who showed any guts. King Brohoho agreed to let Black Blob travel the lands to fight Nomed and her evil forces, and the little blob returned to his home in the shire and bid his people goodbye. He's got a long journey ahead of him, but he can do it... Right?

(if a character does not have an image displayed over their profile, it means I haven't made them yet)

Black Blob:
Base Stats:
HP- 10
SP- 10
Pow- 10
Bulk- 10
Mind- 10
Speed- 10

Age: 8
Gender: Male
Here he is, the hero of the story! Black Blob views the world with an innocent and optimistic perspective, and the fact that people are becoming unhappy in this time of year irritates him. Forgoing his dislike of violence, he ventures from the safety of his village to stop Nomed from causing grief. He loves to draw with crayons and play hide-and-seek.

Base Stats:
HP- 16
SP- 16
Pow- 11
Bulk- 8
Mind- 6
Speed- 25

Age: 11
Gender: Male
Sporkers is a member of the Sporkers Tribe, a species known for their mischievous behavior and love for pulling pranks, in addition to being the arch-enemies of all Black Blob species. When this Sporkers first meets Black Blob, he attacks him for venturing into his turf. After learning that he and Black Blob both want to defeat Nomed, however, he grudgingly agrees to travel with him. Sporkers is a bit of an instigator, and often causes more trouble than he can put up with.

Miss Missy:
Base Stats:
HP- 100
SP- 21
Pow- 1
Bulk- 8
Mind- 31
Speed- 9

Age: 24
Gender: Female
Miss Missy is a member of an all-female race called... Miss Missy. She enjoys keeping herself clean and prim, disliking any form of difficult physical work. She is so concerned for her appearance that she comes off as selfish, but deep down inside she cares deeply for her friends. She joins Black Blob's party after being saved from imprisonment.

Base Stats:
HP- 11
SP- 1
Pow- 20
Bulk- 15
Mind- 18
Speed- 11

Age: 15
Gender: Male
Ika is a strong, gutsy kid who loves to fight. Unfortunately, he is very brash and temperamental; charging straight into action without thinking ahead. The result is that he tends to take more beatings than he can dish out himself, but he never gives up. He seeks revenge for Nomed's curse upon Popo Land, and after learning that he had a similar goal, joins Black Blob's team.

Base Stats:
HP- 5
SP- 100
Pow- 2
Bulk- 5
Mind- 30
Speed- 21

Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
No one really knows where Nomed came from, only the fact that she appeared before everyone in the kingdom and declared war. She is emotionally unstable and goes through seemingly endless cycles of rage and depression. As she does not appear to understand what it means to be happy, she placed a magical curse over Popo Land to make sure everyone is as sorrowful as she is. It is Black Blob's objective to destroy her... But maybe this could all be solved in a different way?

Base Stats:
HP- 15
SP- 11
Pow- 1
Bulk- 33
Mind- 25
Speed- 2

Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Toom is a statue-like being who has the power to both see and project the past and the future. People say he has lived through almost an eternity, and that those who meet him find out secrets that take them by surprise. Toom has a stoic personality and doesn't tend to talk to people much, unless he is revealing them anything in regards to their lifetime.


This is the general rundown of your stats in the game:
HP - "Hit Points", a value for the amount of health your character has. It decreases when struck with an attack, and increases when a healing item or skill is used.
SP - "Skill Points", a value for the amount of points remaining after using a skill. Every skill used requires skill points, and if this runs out, then certain skills cannot be used in battle.
POW - This stat determines how much damage you do by using a normal attack or a physical skill.
BULK - Bulk is how much an actor or enemy can withstand physical attacks (the attacks that use the Pow stat). Keep in mind that it has no influence on special-based attacks like the next one below.
MIND - Mind determines both power and defense against "special" attacks and magical skills. It also helps in determining the effectiveness of a support skill.
SPEED - Speed determines turn order in battle. Those with a high speed stat have a better chance of using their turn before a foe.

Element Types:
There are 16 types total. 7 of these are considered "primary" types (Fire, Water, Plant, Earth, Electric, Normal and Magic) and 9 considered "secondary" types (Ice, Air, Ghost, Rock, Fighting, Metal, Light, Poison and Dragon). Primary types are both applied to skills and inherent with an individual party member and enemy, while secondary types exist only among skills. The full chart of a types advantages and disadvantages are listed below:

Resistences: Fire, Plant, Metal, Light, Ice
Weaknesses: Water, Earth, Rock, Air
Immune: Frozen Status Problem
Resistences: Fire, Water, Metal, Light, Ice
Weaknesses: Plant, Electric
Resistences: Plant, Water, Earth, Electric
Weaknesses: Fire, Ice, Poison, Air
Immune: Light
Resistences: Electric, Light, Metal, Air
Weaknesses: Earth
Immune: Paralysis Status Problem
Resistences: Fire, Normal, Poison, Light, Rock, Air
Weaknesses: Water, Plant, Ice
Immune: Paralysis Status Problem, Poison Status Problem, Electric
Resistences: None
Weaknesses: Fighting
Immune: Ghost
Resistences: Magic, Fighting
Weaknesses: Poison, Light, Ghost

Star Spirits:
Every time you defeat an enemy in the game, they drop a Star Spirit. By using these in the item menu, you can customize a character's stats. The stat that is increased is dependent on the type of spirit star that you use. Using these is key to getting through areas with strong enemies.

Development and Planning: Ratty524
Graphics: Ratty524, mURI, Grafikal, Enterbrain/ASCII Corp.
Sound: Kevin Macleod, Enterbrain/ASCII Corp., KidCrisis, Hiroshi Watanabe, Hirokazuakiyama, Freedom House

Latest Blog


As you can see, the game profile is finally up and running. A demo is also going to be uploaded to receive some initial thoughts.

As I'm running a bit behind on getting this game finished, the demo I'm providing isn't going to demonstrate as much as the page is hyped to be, but it includes the following:

> 2 playable zones (Even though the area for the third section will light up, you cannot access it).
> only 1 playable party member (Black Blob).
> In spite of the game suggesting you can check the "Beast Library", you can't do it in this demo as it has yet to be implemented.
> No story introduction.

I'm working fast and hard to get this game done. I hope my five days to finish the game will be at the best.
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Pages: 1
I cant read the text without highlighting.
Looks adorable and fun, but yeah change the text color
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Sorry, that was basically my first attempt at using a CSS gamepage. For now, I'll just leave it at the default.
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
Whooah! A real game on the front page. lol
I really like these graphics!
Love the custom graphics, but I'd really put an effort forth in getting rid of the shitty VX RTP tiles. Looks like an interesting game, though!
Cute demo. 2 levels. Font doesnt show because the 'fonts' folder was erroneously named as 'font'. Also this is not an ARPG, it's a regular side battle system. Outside of the battles however it has field pickups similar to ARPG's.

There is no dialogue of any kind in the game. In the beginning the game can be a bit frantic, your base stats are fairly low and you can run out of heals fast. On my first run, as soon as I enter the second section of level 1-1 some fat fish pounced me for 6 and I died. Try to keep your health up. However, you get healed at the end of each level so dont waste your resources either. All enemies drop stat boosters with 100% chance so you can get powerful very quickly.

Which is why I got cocky. A sign warned me about some dangerous penguin or whatever and I ignored it. I encounter one of those in a pre-emptive strike and hit it twice and would probably kill it on the 3rd hit. Unfortunately on his turn he hits me for 300 (My max HP was 60). Serves me right.

Anyway despite all the horrendous stat boosting the boss almost killed me. The difficulty seems to account for how strong you are plus boosters so the boss was hitting me for more damage than my 20HP heal spell. Meaning I narrowly beat him with less than 20 HP remaining. Great ending to a nice demo.
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