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I'm Scared of Girls Final Version Released

After working for the past week, completely redrafting the battle system, repopulating the dungeons, constructing a alternate game mode, and finally drafting a ending- I got it done.
I hope you enjoy what is there, and I thank all the people who've helped with technical advice, critiques, and encouragements.
As for the ending, whatever happens- happens.

You can download it in the downloads section as soon as it is approved and available, labeled as 'ISOG Final Version'.
If there are any bugs in the new version, please report them in the comments of this blog post.

Game Design

Building I'm Scared of Girls Patch

Since this is a featured game, and did win the competition, I feel like it merits extra attention than I was going to give it after the date of completion.
So I decided to set my current gaming projects on hold once more to try to make this game the best possible game.
While I'll be doing my own testing and evaluation of what is there and what should be there, I would appreciate that you post your grievances, bugs, solutions, whatever in the comments of this blog post. The judges have given great advice and useful criticism which I will be taking into account- but I'm sure there are other parts that they just didn't catch in the hurry to evaluate the other great games in the contest.
Here is a general list so far of what I will be doing:

Adding Ending (A big one.)
Tweaking the current 'end'. (Goes in tandem with above objective.)

Adding actual gameplay aspects to the costumes. (Sort of a rip-off to gain those abilities only to have them not do anything but be aesthetic.)

Removing teleportation after collection of certain gems. (This is a big decision on my part, one that I do begrudgingly but understandingly.)

Tweaking the battle system.(A even bigger decision. If anyone has some advice, that would be spectacular. Otherwise, I'll be working to making it less annoying. This has been an even bigger stick in the mud for people.)

Secrets. (I started to add some, but I had to refocus on the main project during the construction time. Now that I have a little more time to work on it, I think that I can squeeze a few in.)

Bugs. (There are several spots where a old auto-text code rushes the text to the point where people have reported problems reading it- so that will be found and removed.)



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