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For those who paid no attention to them in Matsumori Days, THEY'RE BACK!
  • Marrend
  • Added: 05/11/2012 05:16 PM
  • Last updated: 07/23/2024 02:34 PM


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Ok, now i swear I typed
at one and it didnt work, however i could be wrong. I'm pretty forgetful. If so my apologies for typing all this on your game page here. Either way I was just letting you know that descriptions are a good thing for people like me. :)
Guardian of the Description Thread
I swear, I tested those riddles in Matsumori Days several times with varying capitalization, and IT WORKED! It might be that you typed in the wrong word at the wrong statue. It's possible that the plaque in one place had the clue for the other place, and visa-versa. Either that, or something else is happening that I'm not aware of.
You know what i think threw me off on Matsumori was i typed a word with a capital letter then all lowercase. I believe it had to be one or the other. So when I got the word wrong, I was lost. A little direction is never a bad thing. Keep that brain a pumpin, explanation sequence sounds good to me!
Guardian of the Description Thread
I'm still not 100% on the map, but here's a sample of the kind of clue players will run across in the Ancient Tower. I'm thinking that there might be a sequence that gives an explanation as to how this type of clue is a clue. Most probably, this sequence will happen after reading one of these plaques for the first time. Of course, I will not outright tell players the answer, but hopefully, I can give them the direction they may need.

Maybe, I should have the explanation sequence optional, though? That seriously just popped into my head as I was typing the above text.
Due to past puzzles, I know what it is. This is pretty cool Marrend. Now that I know how you work, I look forward to trying to crack these codes.
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