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Hey! This is my first completed project for rpgmaker2003, it's a short non-linear exploration game. Even though it is non-linear, it does have an ending. The point of the game is about figuring what's going on. It's an exploration, but most of the discoveries will be about what happened to the protagonist. The aesthetic is based on old gameboy RPG's, this includes graphics, music and writting style. It's a short game. It really shouldn't take anyone more than an hour from start to finish.

Most of the graphics and music were made by me, but there are some exeptions. Some tiles (flower tiles, all water tiles, dirt, walls) are from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, and others (seats, bookshelves) are from Pokemon Red. Not_home_anymore is similar in parts to a song from Digimon World 3, and Alone might be entirely plagarized from somewhere, though I cannot recall from where (If anyone knows, please leave a comment). All sound effects are from Link's Awakening, except the stair climbing sound which is from A Link to the Past. They were all taken from HelpTheWretched's website (http://noproblo.dayjo.org/ZeldaSounds/ ).

As far as difficulty goes, there are no fights, there is no way to lose, except to get stuck, of course. I would recommend the old strategy of talking to every NPC in case you do get stuck, though. I made a point of always making the NPC that gave the hint before the flower they hinted at. I Hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it!

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Oh my. This is amazing and unexpected and awesome. Thank you for featuring me! I hope this makes even more people play my game!
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  • 09/03/2011 05:37 PM
  • 06/08/2016 01:20 AM
  • 09/04/2011
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I’ve come to the conclusion Wither is a game where you should absolutely, completely ignore what the author says.


Hhauioaiuhaoiauhoiauha, I agree.
How can I get the very last flower?
author=Deacon Batista
How can I get the very last flower?

Depends on what flowers you already collected. :P
I submitted a review for this. It got denied because it was too short. I can understand that, but does not change my opinion that short games don't really deserve huge reviews. Therefore I just post it here. It good for Rastek since that does not lower his/her Makerscore:

This game's graphical style caught my attention. So I gave it a try. Guess I expected too much. Maybe because it was featured... But let's have a closer look at it now.
You are a kid. The kid is standing next to a grave. He has promised to put 12 flowers to that grave which seems to belong to a friend. So go and collect the 12 flowers...

Well, I see nothing interesting about this. After all I care less about stories, but a little bit more info to make the game interesting wouldn't hurt anyone.

1 out of 5 points

This is the major weakness of this game. There is not even such a thing as gameplay. You run around and have to collect the flowers... just like those old school RM key searching mini games. Very uncreative and boring. There aren't even minigames or such things like quests to gain the flowers. This was very lame and unsatisfying.

0 out of 5 points

I believe this is what catches attention. The game has an old school Super Gameboy (You remember? That thing you put into your Super Nintendo to give a little bit of color to your old Gameboy games.) style.


Reminds of Pokemon or Zelda. Well, it is different, but nothing that looks really awesome. So I give an above mediocre score for this point.

3 out of 5 points

Let's say "It fits!". Some of the midis are selfmade, as far as I heard. They are simple though. But that's what you need for a Gameboy styled game. So same as the graphics.

3 out of 5 points

Well, as said, the game is short... damn short. It may take longer to read this small review than to play through the game. The only highlight could be the selfmade, but still very simple, menu which shows the amount of collected flowers. There is no story. There is no gameplay. The only thing that exists is old school atmosphere. So I was quite disappointed...

Final score: ** out of *****
Well, it's too bad that you didn't get the concept of this "game". There is a story, a good one, and you missed it :/ As for gameplay, it would have just gotten in the way of the story. There are really only 2 parts to this game: The story and the atmosphere(and graphics/music, I suppose, maybe it's part of atmosphere?). Gameplay is N/A and shouldn't really affect the score.
Well, it's just the same problem as with "Yume Nikki". Some say it's art, some say it's shit.
At least I like "Wither" way more than "Yume Nikki", still...
The whole "Is it art?" debate is a different matter that I have no real opinion on.

However, art or not, this does have a story. It just doesn't flat out tell it to you in the traditional sense. You have to write it yourself based on the clues you find.
First of all, not accepting that review was the correct thing to do. I mean, c'mon, Deacon_Batista, I'm sure you can elaborate a bit further on every department of the game, or branch them out a little. For example, what were your thoughts about the dialogues? or the mapping? Where they done right or not? - Also... I think there is a story there somewhere, you just have to read between the lines.

But, Link_2112, this is a game after all, and is listed as an RPG one to boot; hence it gets weighted against all other RPGs on the site. Gameplay should never be N/A regardless of what score one may think it deserves. And besides, what kind of short attention span would someone need for even the simplest of game mechanics to distract them from a story? ...Graphic Adventures give you lots to think about with just text choices and stuff, and their stories are often well received nonetheless. - IMO, Wither could only benefit from that.

Edit: @DE: Well, you just said that's it's important to know what to expect from something, genre-wise. If I see RPG I expect an RPG. And even if you deconstruct the genre to its most basic elements, I guess many would agree you at least need battles or something else, I dunno. ...That if it's nitpicking or not. Perhaps. But I'm not really holding it against the game, though. It was more of an observation.
Self-proclaimed master of idling
I would be the first to call bull on all art games, but I had real fun playing Wither. It's the kind of game that isn't about gameplay, but immersing yourself in the fictional world, just like when reading poetry or looking at a painting (not that Wither is of that magnitude, just the mental process). Whether the game achieves that is so subjective it's not subject to discussion or critical analysis.

Firing up games such as this and expecting a tight gamer's experience will always lead to disappointment and awkward reviews like the one above. It's like going to the theater to see Evil Dead and wondering why this horror movie is so silly. Or going to Last Action Hero expecting a Commando-like movie. You have to know what the game is about before playing it or you're in for disappointment and it wouldn't be the game to blame.

And yes, there is loads of story in this game, it's that much of it is not expressed through text. You're also supposed to fill some blanks with your imagination and try to piece the puzzle together. It's not the game's flaw, it's its feature.

As for the genre designation - does anyone care? Maybe the creator missed that part when submitting the game... It's nitpicking. Comparing this game to adventure games is also pointless, since I very much doubt the author meant to make a full-fledged adventure game, rather a simple exploration (for lack of better term) game. I'm convinced it was supposed to be minimalistic in every aspect, including gameplay and puzzles, it's its strong point in fact.
what kind of short attention span would someone need for even the simplest of game mechanics to distract them from a story?

Distract isn't the right word for what i was trying to say. Having puzzles or battles wouldn't make you forget what the story has been or anything like that. I just meant that it would break the immersion of it all. The entire time you're playing the game, every event is there to add something to the story. If you had to stop for a few minutes to do a puzzle for no reason, it would waste time that you could have been using to get more of the story. Now, if that puzzle somehow explained some extra aspect of the story then it would be more forgiving. Battles especially, would derail the story. Sure there are tactful ways of doing this, but to me, it would just seem like pointless filler. The point of this game isn't to play something, it's to follow a story.

If that goes against everything that is generally accepted as what constitutes calling it a "game", then maybe it's time to rethink the usage of the word(or call this art xD, jk)

Looking for flowers is the game mechanic. It's a fetch quest. It does the job of giving you a reason to talk to people and progress through the game. So while I suppose there could always be something to be said under "Gameplay", in terms of giving a score I still think it could be N/A. Giving it a 0 because "there was nothing to do" seems more unreasonable than that.
Well, when I play a game, no matter which genre it is, I expect the game to be fun. And this wasn't. It's that easy. It bored me. Full stop.
And yes, of course I could write a more detailed review, but I won't, because, as said: short game --> short review.
And about the story... yeah, let's say it was quite poor.
Self-proclaimed master of idling
Is the only reason you watch movies or read books is to be entertained too? If yes, then I'm not surprised you didn't like this game. Although there's more ways to be entertained than killing monsters or shooting terrorists - wandering through atmospheric surroundings, for example.

As for the story... well, there's as much of it as the effort you put into co-creating it, in a way...
Means we can ignore stories from now on, because it is always up to the player who co-creates it ;-)

Is the only reason you watch movies or read books is to be entertained too?

You have other reasons? I'm curious.

wandering through atmospheric surroundings, for example

Yeah, that WAS one of the few positive points I meantioned in my little review.
Self-proclaimed master of idling
author=Deacon Batista
Means we can ignore stories from now on, because it is always up to the player who co-creates it ;-)

In good stories that work so well due to rousing your imagination, yes. For example, all good horror fiction is based on that.

Define what "being entertained" is for you. If it's watching sprites kill sprites, then no, you won't be entertained by Wither. And yes, there are other reasons for reading books or watching movies; art house cinema is not made to entertain the audience, as are para documentaries. There's more to even fantasy fiction than sword fighting.

Yeah, that WAS one of the few positive points I meantioned in my little review.

This may actually constitute the whole game and captivate many a gamer.
This is a "I'm not the target audience for this game" review. Wither has plenty of those. I'm not saying that it's... err... bad... just that it gets a little... repetitive.

I have poor vocabulary anyway, so if I said something improperly, please excuse me,
Orochii Zouveleki
So, people always whine because of short games. This one is damn short. So I jumped onto your train, kids. ;-)
Self-proclaimed master of idling
What people? Names!

Me, I don't whine about short games. I LOVE short RM games. I'd sooner whine about the likes of Laxius Power when it comes to game length than Wither or Burning Grail...
I've complained that this game was too short...only cause it's so awesome and I WANTED MORE xD
author=Deacon Batista
You run around and have to collect the flowers...

most games are about running around looking for items, crystals, flowers, mcguffins, etc...i guess you just didnt like how the package was wrapped in Wither, then

author=Deacon Batista
Well, as said, the game is short... damn short.

lmao dude you made a short game yourself, so why is it bad that this game is short?
a game's length and enjoyability are in no way correlated. people like Wither, people like Skyrim.

otherwise good review, probably just as good as most of the reviews of games here, not sure why it was rejected. just add like 10 words about zelda or something
Absolutly Fantastic! Hey wait a minute...Why is there a car burried in the graveyard?