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Oh my. This is amazing and unexpected and awesome. Thank you for featuring me! I hope this makes even more people play my game!


Let`s Play

So, Yummy Drumsticks did a Let`s Try of my game that turned into a Let`s Play cause my game is so short.


Ok, I am not anouncing anything anymore.

As it turns out, it's impossible to announce a game to be completed without more mistakes showing up. I'm announcing I'm posting a new revision, but the game has been complete for a while now. This version mostly fixes some misspellings here and there.

EDIT: I'm done. The game is now totally, absolutely, completely done. This project is over.


That's it, I'm done.

These last few days I've been scourging the game for bugs or misspelings, but I'm pretty sure this is it. This project is officially over, no more revisions, no more re-uploads. I'm done.

Thanks to everyone who has played my game, and to everyone who has left a comment! This is it, my first absolutely completed project!
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